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PSI Receives Logistics Order from the MAY COMPANY in Russia


PSIwms controls processes at new production and warehouse site in Fryazino

PSI subsidiary, PSI Logistics GmbH, has been awarded an order by the Russian MAY COMPANY for the introduction of the PSIwms warehouse management system. The system will control the processes at the new production and warehouse site in Fryazino in the Moscow region with a high back warehouse for 16,000 palettes.

The approximately 18 meter high narrow aisle warehouse has been designed for more than 16,000 palettes for the storage of four types of products such as packaged tea, raw tea as well as packaging and advertising materials. The conveyor belt system supplies the production with raw materials and directs the finished goods to the warehouse. PSIwms will control all the processes from the receipt of goods to the shipping to the customer and handle the inventory. In accordance with the contracting party’s requirements, the PSI warehouse management system has been expanded by weight inspection for the control of the palette weight before and after the picking as well as the packaging. Operations are scheduled to begin in 2012.

The MAY COMPANY, headquartered in Fryazino is amongst the leading producers of tea and coffee, and especially well-known for the trademarks Curtis, Maiski and Lisma.

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