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KNAPP's innovative solution for empties


KNAPP's innovative solution for empties - KiSoft Reusables Management Solution - was presented to a wide range of industry experts at the VLB Logistics Convention in Hamburg.

The concept proves convincing because of performance and sustainability. Together with waste management company EGN Niederrhein (Germany), KNAPP presented the expert audience with the BOT model for sorting centres.

Sorting and management of empties

The storage of one-type only empties and their straightforward management increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Thanks to automatic wrong bottle detection, online stock management, minimum need for new glass, and reduced staffing, turning empty bottles into full-scale success has never been easier.

Management of empties, the key to success:

  • can be integrated into any system
  • ROI in less than 2 years
  • greater efficiency in the use of resources
  • manual and automatic sorting
  • administration reduced by up to 40%
  • up to 100 % reduction in error costs


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