How Can You Participate in the WMS Database?

How Can You Participate in the WMS Database?

The functionality of about 90 Warehouse Management Systems is stored in the WMS Database and available for use by WMS users to compare and select suitable vendors and systems for their companies. In this way, vendors and users are joined together in a perfect fit.

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The Benefits for the WMS Vendor

In the increasingly competitive market for WMS, it has become even more important for vendors of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to acquire new potential customers and bring more attention to their own product.

  • But what is the best way to reach out to new customers?
  • How do customers look for new vendors?
  • And how can you guarantee that they are considering your product?

The answer to all of these questions is the WMS Database, the most extensive database of its kind in the world, and the use of the leading WMS portal, warehouse-logistics. com, as a targeted marketing platform.

Participation in the WMS database provides vendors with many benefits:

Contact with Users (Leads)

  • All WMS vendors who participate in the WMS Database automatically and exclusively participate in each preselection performed by the WMS Online Selection service and thus have the chance to acquire new customers without any effort or cost on their part. Customers of WMS Online Selection are WMS users from all branches and company sizes as well as external consultants (average between 25-45 leads per month).
  • The participants have access to the contact information of any user who registers for the free express version of WMS Online Selection. This information can be used to acquire new customers.

Extensive Marketing Opportunities

  • Participants in the WMS Database receive full marketing support and the opportunity to present their product in detail on, the world’s leading WMS portal (over 162,000 page views and 78,000 visitors per year). Your product is brought to the attention of potential customers through the use of company and product profiles that include your company’s logo, screenshots, brochures, news, articles, event information and reference projects.
  • Every two weeks a WMS newsletter is sent to all subscribed customers that automatically contains any news that you post to your company’s profile. This newsletter is very popular and has a high number of subscribers (about 2,000 recipients).
  • All participants in the WMS Database receive a validation seal and a participant certificate that you can use when marketing your WMS.


  • The participants of the WMS Database benefit from the large WMS community. This includes a yearly participant meeting involving all of the WMS vendors who participant in the WMS Database. The annual meeting provides a venue for exchanging information with other vendors including meaningful and exclusive statistics about the development of the WMS market.
  • The public relations work performed by all participants increases the prominence of the portal and all participating systems.
  • The exchange of information about current developments and trends in the WMS market that occurs as part of the validation process as well as the possibility to benchmark your system against the other participants provides you with some additional input for the strategic orientation and development of your own product.
  • WMS providers have the opportunity to hold a WMS Innovation Forum together with the warehouse logistics team. At this event, new and forward-looking developments and technologies in logistics can be discussed and experiences exchanged. Experts, customers, partners and interested parties can be invited to this one-day event at the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund. For more information click here.

Teilnehmertreffen »The cooperation with the Team warehouse logistics is very open and harmonious and always characterized by a high interest in the best possible exchange of information. The WMS database itself and the framework around provide an excellent professional platform.«
Ralf Schränkler, SAP Deutschland AG & Co.KG

Conditions of Participation

It is possible to become a participant in the WMS Database at any time by purchasing an annual membership. This membership includes all of the above-mentioned possibilities of the platform as well as the yearly validation of your system performed by Team warehouse logistics.

Are you interested in participating in the WMS Database? Then please request a non-binding offer to participate, which contains all details and conditions.

Would you like to know more about the WMS Database? Please contact us.

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