WMS Reference Projects

WMS Reference Projects

Participating WMS vendors of warehouse logistics have the possibility to list completed projects as references in addition to their presented systems in the WMS Database and to get them validated by the Team warehouse logistics.

Validation by Team warehouse logistics

Participants of the WMS Database can submit a project for publication on warehouse-logistics.com as soon as a new logistics system goes into operation or a warehouse has been modernized. The participants work together with their customers to fill out an online questionnaire that covers all relevant project details such as the technical and organizational IT environment, processes, volume and structural data, warehouse and materials handling technology, and project development. The entered data is then validated by the independent Team warehouse logistics in consultation with the vendor’s customer and then published on warehouse-logistics.com. This process will ensure that project descriptions are both comparable and reliable.

Selection of Projects

Certain filter criteria make it easier for users to search for projects with specific project specifications (for example, industry sector) and they also help with the decision-making process. Vendors can use this service to profile their company in a positive sense with their own successful projects and set themselves apart from their competition.


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