WMS Glossary

What is a WMS Glossary?

The »warehouse logistics« glossary is a joint project of the »warehouse logistics«-community. It offers WMS Providers and interested outsiders an overview of terms and associated definitions relating to »Warehouse Management Systems«.

Users of the »WMS Glossary« have the opportunity to contribute to the continuous expansion by suggesting term definitions and adapting existing definitions. This continuous extension and validation of the glossary is intended to create a consistent basis and a common understanding of terms in the WMS Market.

What accesses are available?

The accesses for the glossary can be divided into the two user groups standard user and editors. For each access, the change from a standard user to an editor can also be requested at any time.

What differences are between the two user groups?

For every visitor of the »WMS Glossary«, its most basic function, the viewing of terms and their definitions as well as the evaluation of these, is possible without restriction. However, in order to be able to use further functions for the active co-design of the »WMS Glossary«, access is required. Depending on the respective access, which differs in standard users and editors, the following functions are available for visitors of the glossary.

Visitors who aren't logged in Visitors who are logged in
Functions Standard user Editors
View definitions of terms
Evaluate definitions of terms
Comment on definitions that are open for discussion
Suggest changes in definitions
Proposing new definitions of terms
See in the News Room which definitions of terms are open for discussion
Decide on proposed changes to existing and new definitions
Implement taken decisions regarding the definitions

Who gets access to the glossary?

Only current participants of the »WMS Database« get access to the glossary and have the possibility to request additional accesses.

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