Cloud Computing by Gigaton – Heddesheimer WMS Provider is increasingly relying on GigatonCloud


Gigaton has been relying on holistic cloud computing solutions for more than ten years. With GigatonCloud, Gigaton offers its customers the possibility to outsource their entire IT infrastructure to their own data center. Contrary to the general assumption that this is only an option for small businesses, larger and larger companies are increasingly relying on services from GigatonCloud – no coincidence as the use of cloud computing can offer significant benefits.

Gigaton's offer relates in particular to the use of GigatonCloud in combination with a »Software on demand solution« for the use of the warehouse management software LogosC/S in the form of a subscription. The product portfolio is also complemented by various EDI services, such as the connection of higher and lower-level systems via EDI communication, the conversion and data mapping via Gigaton's own converter, as well as the use of monitoring and alarm systems.

The use of GigatonCloud thus offers various advantages, such as an increased efficiency through an optimally coordinated software and hardware concept, as well as higher data and operational security through a secure data center operation. In addition, the transparency of the cost structure is improved. In particular, it is worth mentioning that savings can be achieved in terms of both purchase and support, especially the maintenance of hardware and software.

In addition, the deployment of GigatonCloud enables a very high degree of flexibility. Cloud usage agreements can be very variable in terms of both duration and scope of services. As the customer's needs change, for example, as the business grows rapidly and more cloud capacity is required in terms of hardware, it is possible to quickly respond to that change, and the offer can be dynamically adjusted. Thus, the deployment of GigatonCloud can quickly be a significant competitive advantage.

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