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TGW Commissioner XL


The TGW Commissioner, an automatic, vertical storage system in lifting beam design, is the optimal order picking solution. Now this device can be built 50 % higher and 80 % longer and thus be used in an even wider range of applications.

The new extended version of the TGW Commissioner can be constructed to a maximum length of 10 m (32.8 ft) and a maximum height of 18 m (59 ft). By using a second lift drive, compared to only one lift drive in the smaller version, the Commissioner XL still achieves the kinematic values of the former version. This makes the Commissioner XL an extremely fast AS/RS handling machine with increased storage capacity. Therefore it is ideally suited for highly dynamic warehouses, buffering systems, product staging, order consolidation, the supply of order picking workplaces and the sortation of goods prior to shipping or palletising. Furthermore, the new Commissioner XL can be used in a considerably broader range of automatic mini-load applications.

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