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LM Dashboard®: assess your warehouse’s performance easily!


a-SIS (the IT subsidiary of Savoye, logistic solutions division of the Legris Industries Group) will be marketing a new solution in November which allows you to display all the warehouse’s key indicators on the same interface.

Display your warehouse’s activity and performance at a glance? From November 2012, a-SIS will offer an ingenious dashboard :

LM Dashboard®.

Offered as a complement to the software packages in the editor’s LOGISTICS MANAGER SUITE range (WMS, TMS, OM…), the latter allows you to regroup your activity’s key performance indicators in real time on the same page and manage warnings: product rotation rates, stock-out, schedule, carrier punctuality, etc.

The indicators are pre-packaged in the solution but the latter “is fully configurable and customisable”, highlights Evelyne Raynaud, Development & Product Director at a-SIS. “We could also carry out an upstream diagnosis on request to define the most relevant indicators for the customer’s activity.”

In addition to flexibility, the editor has taken particular care over LM Dashboard®’s ergonomics and user-friendliness. The results are materialised by very explicit gauges and « lights »: green when the indicators are in order, red for a critical situation… In the event of a problem, the fact that it is easy to interpret allows the implementation of fast corrective measures.

The LM Dashboard® solution is intended for warehouse decision-makers (logistic managers and directors etc.) and could be used by operatives to monitor warehouse activity.

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