Savoye is hitting new heights for the needs of Würth Elektronik


SAVOYE, the global logistic solutions designer and integrator, has installed a customised version of its INTELIS mechanised line to support the growth of the electronic and electromechanical component specialist, Würth Elektronik.

Würth Elektronik produces electronic and electromechanical components, printed circuits and smart control and power systems and distributes them to the European market every day from its site at Jonage (69) on the outskirts of Lyon. For this, it has a 6,000 m2 mechanised warehouse in which are installed very high palletised storage solutions and a traditional shelving system on two levels. To support its growth and thus go even further in terms of efficiency, Würth Elektronik wished to mechanise its order picking flows, that the company intends to achieve without hindrance to the circulation of its operations. Fully aware that it is taking a technical gamble, the subsidiary of the German group Würth is calling on SAVOYE, the French intralogistics specialist: »The request was to deliver an installation with the smallest possible footprint on the ground. We therefore suggested a suspended conveyor system, served by automatic injection of packages onto the collection line«, details Thierry Paire, Commercial Solutions Engineer with SAVOYE.

One solution, two mechanised lines

The project installed by SAVOYE is based mainly on its fully electric plug and play INTELIS CONVEY. A first mechanised line, called Upstream Collector run by a WCS and monitored by their own WMS is fed by three automatic injector/ejector lifts. These are tasked with absorbing as far as possible the differences in bin flows between picking components and checking them in the stations provided for this purpose. Lifts serve the ground floor and the mezzanine level whilst the loop collects the picked orders and routes them towards six checking stations allocated by the WMS. Lastly, four packing stations supply a mechanised line called Shipment Sorting feeding seven channels specific to the carriers.

Above-ground solution serving work station ergonomics

Delivered in 2017 and in operation for one year, the SAVOYE solution, apart from its ability to process a broad quantity and variation of packages, was installed above ground, on the Würth Elektronik operating site. Complicated to implement, but achieved with no interruption to the processes. »Würth Elektronik attaches huge importance to ergonomics and respect of the working conditions of its operators and the conveyors could in no way obstruct their circulation in the warehouse. They were finally won over by the technical functionalities, the flexibility and the productivity provided by our solution«, ends Thierry Paire.

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