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December 2021



2021 again had quite a few challenges in store for all of us. The economic environment is becoming more volatile, and disruptions are more frequent and severe. So, logistics operations have to work in the most efficient way to mitigate risk and become more resilient. We have picked 3 tips on warehouse optimization that will be key to compete, grow, and win in 2022.

Two new multimillion e-grocery projects


Swisslog has strengthened its leading position in e-grocery automation solutions by landing two new projects for Rohlik, the fast-growing European e-grocery disruptor. The projects are part of the Rohlik 45 MEUR automation investments.

Swisslog to supply modern high-rack storage technologies and warehouse management software for Swiss federal railways


SFR is upgrading its Railway Technology Centre to become a high-performance location for modern railway technology production and central warehouse management of raw materials, railway technology components and spare parts for infrastructure facilities.

Year in Review 2021: S&P looks back on an eventful year


S&P Computersysteme GmbH, one of the leading solution providers in the field of intralogistics IT, was able to successfully implement its set goals in the past year 2021 and already set further milestones for the future. Named Product of the Year 2021 at the beginning of 2021 with the application of the "Warehouse Healing" strategy, the move to the new and modern office premises in Leinfelden-Echterdingen was on the agenda for S&P in the middle of 2021.

EGLO Leuchten GmbH relies on SAP® EWM by KNAPP


The world market leader for decorative home and outdoor lighting, EGLO Leuchten GmbH, modernized and optimized its warehouse management system with SAP® EWM by KNAPP in its four central warehouses in Europe.



Despite uncertainties, travel restrictions and canceled or postponed trade fairs due to COVID: The viastore GROUP, international provider of intralogistics systems, software and services headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, looks to the year 2021 with satisfaction and confidently to 2022 at its press event, which is purely digital once again.

New E-commerce Functionalities in PSIwms Release 2021


Preconfigured processes facilitate the workflows of e-commerce companies

Picking speed increased by 50 percent


EPG’s LFS warehouse management system optimises warehouse management at Dubai-based interior designer Marina Home Interiors

On Schedule with Latest Release Upgrade


Mönig Logistik has future-proofed its warehouse thanks to a new release upgrade contract with CIM GmbH. PROLAG®World was originally implemented at Monig in 2013 and this latest step will ensure that the WMS remains fully up-to-date. Based in North-Rhine Westphalia, Mönig Logistik GmbH is a Germany-wide provider of tailored logistics solutions – from overseas transport to premium storage.

Orders processed in 30 minutes at The Very Group’s automated fulfilment facility


Advanced automation technology from KNAPP is helping The Very Group to fulfil customer orders in just 30 minutes at Skygate, its new distribution centre in the East Midlands.

Ideal Feroluc in Romania saves time and money with Mantis WMS LVS


Ideal Feroluc, a major distributor of furniture and upholstery accessories decided to opt for Mantis Valued Partner in Romania, Senior Software and Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) as the ideal Warehouse Management System for warehouse excellence because of the unique characteristics of true adaptability and flexibility of LVS.

November 2021

Mönig Logistik: On Schedule with Latest Release Upgrade


Mönig Logistik has future-proofed its warehouse thanks to a new release upgrade contract with CIM GmbH. PROLAG®World was originally implemented at Monig in 2013 and this latest step will ensure that the WMS remains fully up-to-date. Based in North-Rhine Westphalia, Mönig Logistik GmbH is a Germany-wide provider of tailored logistics solutions – from overseas transport to premium storage.

Mönig Logistiek: nieuwe release gerealiseerd volgens plan


Mönig Logistik heeft de toekomst van zijn magazijnbeheer veilig gesteld door een nieuwe overeenkomst met CIM Logistics af te sluiten ten aanzien van releasewijzigingen. Het sinds 2013 geïmplementeerde warehouse management systeem PROLAG®World is daarom altijd up-to-date. Mönig Logistik GmbH, gevestigd in Meschede in Noordrijn-Westfalen, is een Duitse leverancier van individuele logistieke oplossingen, van overzees transport tot gespecialiseerde opslag.

ELTEN GmbH Optimizes Logistics Center with PSIwms


Future-proof IT basis for efficient warehouse management and coordinated process control

Pets at Home Upgrades Warehousing Capabilities with Blue Yonder


With more people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, pet adoption increased in the UK with 11% of households welcoming a new pet and 10% planning to, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA).

¡Viva la automatización! Logistics Automation in Latin America: Trends, Projects and Insights


On the thriving Latin American market, the demand for digitalization, automation, robotization and software solutions is growing fast.

Automation in intralogistics: Striking the right balance


What is the right degree of automation for your operation?

»Black Friday« - Mastering exuberant order volumes reliably and efficiently even at peak times


In e-commerce, with its exponential growth rates that further explode on global promotion days such as »Black Friday«, it is a matter of serving increasingly demanding consumer wishes quickly, efficiently, and at the highest level of service. To be able to do this and remain competitive, the need for automation with reliable technological and digital innovations is increasing.

BESTSELLER and Klinkhammer enters into a partnership


Order from Bestseller for a high-tech logistics center with Exotec shuttle robots

KNAPP lists a new RPS in the »Logistics IT Database«


KNAPP now lists the Resource Planning System (RPS) »redPILOT - Operational Excellence Solution« in the »Logistics IT Database«. Thus, the company continues to use numerous advantages of the online portal for the comparison of »Logistics IT Systems«.

5 features of intelligent workforce management tools


Shift planning can be a very complex and time-consuming job. But it is also a very important one: accurate plans are key for maximizing resource utilization, ensuring service levels, and optimizing operation costs in today’s fast changing environment. Planning with spreadsheets has its shortcomings. What shift planners need is a workforce management tool that saves time and supports agility.

Manufacturing companies and the WMS SuPCIS-L8


These module components of SuPCIS-L8 are particularly appreciated by our customers from the manufacturing industry!

AXELOT WMS X5 goes live at the DC of a large FMCG distributor in Georgia


The latest version of Axelot’ WMS was successfully launched at the facility of Sharm Trading company in Tbilisi as of September 2021. The use of an out-of-the box solution without modifications made it possible to automate all the main technological and business processes of the food storage facilty in just three months.

The »warehouse logistics« community celebrated the 20th participants meeting with us!


Under the motto »Shaping logistics IT sustainably with warehouse logistics«, around 55 national and international participants attended this year's participant meeting on 28 October, which also took place in a digital setting this year. The participants gained interesting insights into topics about sustainability within logistics IT.

Record-breaking retrofit: LANDI Switzerland and SSI Schaefer skip not one but two software generations thanks to success


Trust in one's partner's expertise and technological solutions is key to project success

Oktober 2021

LPP SA Successfully Puts Warehouse Management System PSIwms into Operation in the Fulfillment Center in Moscow


This enables the logistics processes of the center, which specializes in the Russian e-commerce market, to be managed efficiently

How to optimize warehouse operations at all automation levels


Is warehouse optimization software only reasonable for highly automized warehouses? Not at all! Many warehouses mainly rely on labor dependent operations while others work with highly automated processes.

Happy Birthday - Gigaton turns 25! Consistency In the Midst of Change.


1st October 1996: Almost exactly 25 years ago, Gigaton, the Heddesheim based logistics software organization saw the light of day. Looking back at 25 years of the company’s history all about change and consistency.

SSI Schaefer Software successfully validated again


The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) has successfully validated SSI Schaefer software in the validation of Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions. With the help of the manufacturer-independent »WMS Online Selection«, Fraunhofer IML supports companies in selecting the optimal suitable WMS and provider. The validation signet once again confirms the quality of SSI Schaefer software solutions.

EPG ONE Warehouse Management System (LFS) brings huge logistics gains for Dubai retail giant


Pick-up times improved by 95 percent

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