The very latest products from a-SIS for optimising warehouse performance


Computing solutions for slotting, coordinating multiple sites, managing logistic flows and equipment …

By improving logistic flow management at every level in the warehouse, the latest solutions developed by a-SIS enable its customers to face up to today’s challenges, such as increasing throughput, listed products, and constraints imposed by lead times and quality processes. Take a look at what’s new from a-SIS. 

LM_Slotting®: A powerful picking reconfiguration tool

Summary of the solution:

Developed by a-SIS’s R&D team, LM_Slotting is the first of their software releases to be designed solely for managing picking locations. Its main strength is its analytical function, which enables it to reconfigure picking layouts for maximum efficiency, while also offering the option of ABC inventory classification (according to ‘stock value’).

 Main features:

• Analysis. LM_Slotting can analyse the configuration of picking locations from a synthesis of use patterns over a given period. It displays use of Logistics Units (packaging: boxes, pallets, etc), picking addresses, etc. and calculates the mean, standard deviation and variability of items picked that are then used to define ad hoc locations for each listed product, in order to improve performance.

• ABC classification. Logistic Units can be sorted according to the ABC classification (unlimited, with 3 rotation classes), according to number of visits, picking operations, volume picked or the different types of packaging. Other filters can also be applied.

• Picking reorganisation. Unused locations, or those that have been ‘dormant’ (for x days), can be reorganised according to how rotations have been classified and any potential constraints (related items needing to be stored nearby, items not to be placed contiguously, etc.). All recommendations are exported to the WMS.
LM_Slotting® is fully integrated in the LM suite of programs and can be interfaced with a-SIS warehouse management programs such as LM7®, Logys® and Magistor®. 

The Logys® WMS: Even more features

Summary of the solution:
Logys® enables the real-time organisation, management and monitoring of all the warehouse’s physical logistic flows, and the scheduling of operations. It thus helps improve both quality and productivity. 

New features:
Logys® has been improved in seven main areas:

• Human resources management Logys can calculate and plan resources and workload for each of the warehouse’s operational processes.

• Goods inward. Logys can display the goods-inward acceptance schedule for supplier deliveries, as well as the anticipated loads. An additional function enables management of supplier/carrier appointments and the length of time a dock is occupied according to the time allotted for unloading operations.

• Dashboards: In addition to the various screens that plot the warehouse activities, Logys has a graphic supervision tool which can display the warehouse’s various logistic flows in real time: progress of goods-inward activities, monitoring preparation flows according to zones and types of preparation, boxes in the preparation depot, operator activity, etc. and flow diagram screens that highlight any productivity anomalies.

• Assembly/disassembly: Logys includes advanced functions for managing product assembly and disassembly, which include initiating restocking of production plants and reintegrating any unused, restocked components into stock on hold.

• Serial numbers: Logys manages inputs and tracks outputs of serial numbers to end customers.

• Stock picking reorganisation tool: To complement the tool used to recalculate rotation classes and item use according to packaging and over a defined period, Logys defines and optimises operations for reorganising stock picking, either allocated and/or transient.

• Automatic launch: Logys has a parameterisation screen which allows the user to launch client orders automatically according to criteria defined by the scheduler. 

LM_WCS® switches to J2EE technology for enhanced flexibility

Summary of the solution

The LM_WCS solution from a-SIS is interfaced with first-level software packages (ERP, WMS), that control automated equipment (conveyor belts, packing machines, automated warehouses, etc.) and technical tools (shuttles, RF terminals, voice solutions, displays, etc.). It seeks to optimise and balance activities in real time according to the available human and technical resources, the operations to be carried out, and the status of the equipment being controlled: load, overload, etc.

New features:

This solution is now switching to J2EE* technology. The main advantage is that features can be deployed progressively as the customer’s activity develops, owing to the application’s modular design. LM_WCS® thus allows for customised assembly of components for controlling equipment (automated preparation lines, automated storage, pick-to-light systems, voice solutions, etc.) or for optimising activity (balancing loads, automatic launch, inserting documents, etc.).
Furthermore, this solution’s open architecture makes it highly flexible, regardless of the platform, database or WMS that is used.

Due to its impressive ability to organise activities and optimise equipment, LM_WCS® is well placed to deal with the increasing complexity of operational processes in logistics centres, and the challenges arising from large increases in logistic flows.

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