Savoye achieves a turnover of nearly 100 million Euros


In 2011, the Savoye Division (Legris Industries group) achieved a turnover up by 27% compared to the previous financial year.

The Savoye Division’s (Savoye, a-SIS, Prodex, Savoye-Retrotech US) turnover is progressing. The division, specialised in the design and integration of logistic and IT solutions, achieved a consolidated turnover of 98 million Euros in 2011. This progression is partly due to Savoye-Retrotech’s activity in the US.

Stable results for « historic » activity

The « historical » companies’ (Savoye, a-SIS, Prodex) activity was maintained this year in France and internationally, despite an uncertain economic climate. Important contracts were signed in France in the spare parts, textiles, e-business and agri-foods sectors. The spare parts wholesaler, Bihr (motorbikes, quads and jet skis), chose Savoye to automate and implement IT solutions on its platform in Bartenheim (68). In the textiles field, agreements were signed with Orchestra, Phildar, Eurodif and Thuasne (medical textiles). In the e-business field, Nature & Découvertes entrusted us with the implementation of a preparation conveyor with eight stations, two packing lines and an automatic sort; and Vente-privé with equipping its new Lyon 3 site. Finally, the
PTS (Picking Tray System) was chosen for Kermené’s logistic platform; Kermené is the main supplier of butchery and pork butchery products to the E. Leclerc brands and is located in Saint-Onen-La-Chapelle (35).

The international share is progressing in the Division’s activity, particularly via the development of Retrotech and the dynamism of the Division’s subsidiaries in the Benelux countries and in Russia. It currently represents 50% of the turnover.

Prospects for 2012

To accelerate its development in France and abroad, at the beginning of 2012, the Division implemented new sales management at the head of the Savoye and a-SIS entities. The latter are borne by Alain Bussod for Savoye Europe (automation systems) and Evelyne Raynaud under the supervision of Dominique Testa for a-SIS (software).

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