LMxt : The warehouse management solution which evolves to meet requirements


a-SIS (the IT subsidiary of Savoye, the logistic solutions division of the Legris Industries Group) is developing its warehouse management solution LM.

The innovations: new user-friendly features, even more advanced functionalities and extended parameterisation which allows it – as standard – to evolve along with the logistic organisation, without any additional IT development. LMXT will be available from November 2012.

a-SIS’ « Warehouse Management » proposal is becoming richer with LMXT. The module will replace
LM version 7. Like its predecessor, it is dedicated to decision-making control and the operational management of split case preparation processes and is intended for « Major Accounts » who have to manage high volumes or several sites. Three main innovations have been brought to this new version with, in its sights, easy use and the development of the solution to measure up to requirements.

FIRST MAIN INNOVATION: USER-FRIENDLINESS. The editor has called upon a specialist in the sector to completely overhaul it. The software has been rethought both on a graphic level (presentation and access to parameterization) and from a data return point of view (tables, graphs…). LMXT benefits from user-friendly interfaces, which can be easily customised by each user and can be remotely accessed using a Web browser. The improvement makes it easier to familiarise yourself with the tool and the operational work. It favours decision-making thanks to a clearer, simpler display of workloads by sector using tables.

SECOND INNOVATION: « MORE OPEN » PARAMETERISATION FOR GREATER FLEXIBILITY. With LMXT, a-SIS goes further in standardising the software, whilst making it able to adapt itself to a greater number of logistic organisations. Numerous « process » parameterisations (goods-in, putaway, order fulfilment, etc.) are integrated as « standard ». they can be « activated », simply and without any new IT et development, depending on the warehouse’s requirements. Increasing the storage surface area, change of logistic organisation, new cartography, etc.: LMXT accompanies operational re-organisations and new strategic orientations. The solution can, for example, go from a pick and pack order preparation to a pick then pack preparation, by sorting, to a preparation flow tiré by transport.
A wide variety of round parameterisation is pre-programmed to take into account all the professional contexts. This allows you to integrate several constitution logics depending on the equipment used (pallet truck, roll…). LMXT has the ability to adapt to different activity sectors.

THIRD INNOVATION AXIS : MORE ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITIES are offered to fulfil the requirements of distribution, e-commerce, Hardware/Ironmongery, Tools, Industrial supplies sector or 3PL who have to manage a number and a high renewal of product references. Amongst them, the « En masse data update » which allows the manager of the product repository to work more quickly and accelerate the implementation of new references, the correction of some data and product re-allocation, as well as a slotting module to re-establish products automatically in picking.

The new features also concern flow control in the warehouse. A Labour Management module allows you to plan various operations and allocate resources depending on the load and transport constraints. And a new appointment-making collaborative portal (for suppliers or carriers using the Web) allows better platform planning.

Finally, LMxt is adapted to changes in regulations with, for example, a new dangerous products management module and offers an integrated TMS solution with order allocation to the best carrier, a CAP module in the carriers’ format and a delivery tracking portal.

The solution of course offers the same functional coverage as the previous LM generation in terms of goods-in, storage, order fulfilment, dispatch and control.

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