Viswood re-thinks its logistics with a-SIS


The screws and bolts specialist has implemented the WMS Magistor by the editor a-SIS at its new site in Sury-le-Comtal (42). The aim: to increase its storage capacity to face up to its strong growth.

Since April, the steel and stainless steel screws and bolts wholesaler, Viswood, has been using the warehouse management software package Magistor by the editor a-SIS. The implementation of the WMS solution is part of an overall company re-think. « We’ve undergone strong growth over the last few years » explains Benjamin POIZAT, Logistics Manager at Viswood. « We had to re-think our logistics because the storage capacity at our old site in the Chambon-Feugerolles no longer allowed us to face up to the volume which we needed to develop our activity ». The trader, who mainly supplies independent ironmongers and large retailers for building industry professionals, developed an important project whose aim was to construct a new building measuring 3.400 m2 in Sury-le-Comtal (42), with a surface area which is three times bigger than at the old site. The project also involved being fitted with warehouse management software which would allow the flows of 15 000 references in the catalogue, which until now had been managed by stock management IT, to be optimised. « To choose the WMS, we compared the various offers on the market even though we already knew the editor a-SIS well; their headquarters are in Saint-Etienne which is just a few kilometres from our new site» states Benjamin POIZAT. « But setting this point aside, a-SIS impressed us by their listening skills, accompaniment and involvement in this project ». Magistor now enables Viswood to receive goods from its suppliers, check them and store them at over 8.000 available pallet locations, then package them under the company’s name and dispatch them. 10 to 15 tonnes of goods are thus delivered every day throughout France to ironmongers and distributors. « Our production tool is logistics. Without a-SIS, moving from the old site to the new one respecting the tight deadlines and safety conditions would quite simply not have been possible», he concludes.

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