a-SIS unveils its latest innovation: a mobile application for warehouses


a-SIS is constantly striving to provide innovative new solutions and has just released a new mobile application that works with its entire warehouse software range. With its clear, uncluttered graphic display, this open application stands out due to its multi-mode input feature.

a-SIS, the supply-chain software publisher that is part of the Savoye Division, has extended its product range by developing a new mobile application for use in warehouses. The solution was developed entirely in-house, enabling the company to maintain total control of the application and to adapt it to customers’ processes, in a wide variety of environments.

The application is graphics-based and designed from the outset for multi-mode input. »That’s the real advantage with this solution; it means that all physical operations entered into the terminal can be input either by typing, or by using the bar-code reader, or by voice mode or by using the RFID function,« explains Didier GRIS, the Innovation Director at a-SIS. »It provides great user flexibility. In the morning, the terminal can be used in scanner mode in the reception area and then, in the afternoon, it can be switched over to full-voice mode for order picking,« he adds.
Another of the application’s advantages is that it can be easily installed in full-voice mode on any device with a headset or Bluetooth connection. While users are free to choose any supplier they want, they can purchase equipment which is significantly less expensive than a specific full-voice solution.

This project also provided an opportunity to rethink the ergonomics and design. a-SIS wanted to ensure all entries could be made by either keyboard or touch-screen. This means the solution can be used on a conventional terminal but also on a robust tablet or a smartphone. In functional terms, the application has several new features: display of documents such as item photos, additional information in masked fields and the display of notification or alerts.

The latest technological changes on this type of mobile equipment have not been forgotten: the solution operates on Windows 10, Windows CE or Windows Mobile, as well as on Android.

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