A-SIS implements WMS LMxt at ID Logistics in Russia.


The platform, which was inaugurated on Wednesday, 11th October 2017, 40 km to the east of Moscow, is dedicated to Yves Rocher and dispatches more than 6000 orders a day.

Present in Russia since 2004, Savoye opened a subsidiary in Moscow in 2013, for all of its brands including the French supply chain solution publisher A-SIS. Nowadays, there are more than 25 warehouses equipped with WMS LMxt by A-SIS in Russia and the CIS.

A-SIS has just implemented another of its IT solutions in Russian territory. Through the service provider ID Logistics, this new site is currently dedicated to Yves Rocher and Dr. Pierre Ricaud products. For Jérôme Jacek, Director of ID Logistics Russia, »This partnership with Yves Rocher is a new step in our development in Russia. Because of the highly technical side and high level of demand required, project management with A-SIS equipment and the WMS LMxt technology has allowed us to meet all needs within the time allowed.«

Besides supplying around 270 shops, the platform is processing more than 6000 online orders to Russia and bordering countries like Kazakhstan.

The year and a half-long project was divided into 2 phases (start-up with B2B and then the integration of B2C) in line with precise specifications. The site is comprised of 2 mechanical order preparation chains with different brands and technologies. In addition to its WMS module, A-SIS implemented 2 different WCS (Warehouse Control System), which are adapted to the automation installed. These modules simultaneously communicate in real time with the conveyor belt automatons and the Pick-to-Light modules also supplied and installed by A-SIS. A mirrored depot system enables the WCS to balance the loading in real time in picking loops and preparation depots all while synchronising the resupply movements.

Packing, quality control and return management were given special attention when studying the process. In fact, quality, efficiency and, generally, customer promise are the priorities of ID Logistics. On the dispatch side, e-commerce and its heavy growth in Russia requires quick and reliable services. LMxt is, thus, connected to the information systems at the Russian post office, which receives the package data as soon as they are ready for dispatch. A shipment tracking number is also exchanged in return and communicated to the customer.

For Cyril Labouret, Director of A-SIS Russia, »LMxt is a WMS solution that may be implemented in mechanised or non-mechanised warehouses to manage several different customers at the same site. Therefore, it is perfect for logistics service providers.«

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