Definition Logistics IT Systems

Definition Logistics IT Systems

The term "Logistics IT" or "Logistics IT systems" refers to software systems that provide digital support for the logistical procedures and processes in intra- and extra-logistics.

Essential Logistics IT systems are offered on the market both as independent software systems and as a module of another software system.

Even though the names of the individual Logistics IT systems such as Warehouse Management System (WMS), Inventory Management System (IMS), Transport Management System (TMS), Forklift Guidance System (FGS), Resource Planning System (RPS), Business Intelligence System (BI) or Pick-by-System (Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice, etc.) are mostly used uniformly, the expectations of the software users with regard to the scope of performance of the respective software system are very different.

Thus, the first question that arises is what a WMS, TMS or FGS actually is. Which functionalities should the respective system provide as basic functionalities? Which core functionalities should the respective software system include? Which functionalities should rather be seen as additional functionalities? And which tasks and processes should be fulfilable by the software system?

On the following pages you will find a definition of the individual software systems.

Definition Warehouse Management System (WMS)
The task of a warehouse management system is to manage and optimize internal warehouse systems.
Definition Transport Management System (TMS)
A Transport Management System (TMS) includes the planning and optimization of procurement and distribution structures as well as the management and control of the resulting transport processes.
Definition Forklift Guidance System (FGS)
A forklift guidance system (FGS, also known as transport control system or picking control system) is used for the efficient control of internal transport tasks, considering resource management by vehicle or industrial truck dispatch and guidance.
Definition Resource Planning System (RPS)
Systems for personnel resource planning (RPS) include demand-oriented personnel planning, optimization and communication, considering qualitative and quantitative employee capacities.
Definition Business Intelligence System (BI)
Business Intelligence (BI) systems are used to collect, prepare and present data for the key figure-based support of decisions in business processes.

Definition Pick-by-Systems (Pick-by)
Pick-by systems support the picker in the intuitive guidance through the picking process.

Definition Pick-by-Light
Definition Pick-by-Voice
Definition Pick-by-Vision
Definition Pick-by-Scan
Definition Pick-by-Motion

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