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SSI Schaefer extended and modernized the JYSK distribution center in Denmark

JYSK’s main focus lies on the availability of products during peak times and the reduction of error rates. The integrated concept offered by SSI Schaefer passes these requirements with flying colors; clearly structured, transparent product flows and consistently automated work processes ensure a smooth workflow within the logistics center. WAMAS®, the logistics software from SSI Schaefer, comprehensively manages and controls all of the processes integrated in the intralogistics.

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Processing Cyber Days Order Volume Efficiently

SSI Schaefer supports companies with modern intralogistics for fast order processing in peak times, such as Cyber Days.

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The International Supply Chain Conference, which took place from 21 - 23 October and was organised by BVL, the German association which acts as a competence network for logistics, attracted many participants as every year.

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SOLVO - 25 years in delivering IT solutions for intralogistics

This year SOLVO is celebrating its 25th anniversary – a quarter of a century of hard work in delivering IT solutions to help ports and logistics operators, manufacturers and retailers boost the efficiency of their intralogistics.

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In pandemic times, DC managers rethink their labor strategies

As warehouse workers juggle Covid safety policies with productivity goals, employers are recalibrating their labor and warehouse management software to reflect the new reality.

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SAVOYE is offering OPHTALMIC COMPAGNIE a new perspective for logistics

Ophtalmic Compagnie, a major player in the sale and distribution of contact lenses and prescription glasses, is expanding its business and is relying on Savoye's expertise to adapt its intra-logistics processes to this major growth.

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