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SOS Accessoire sustains its growth by the complete expertise of Savoye


To be able to support its strong growth and to be in a position to manage perfectly its e-commerce logistics, SOS Accessoire, a pure-player specialized in the domain of auto repair of household appliances, has called in the help of the designer and integrator of logistic solutions Savoye and its brands Prodex and A-SIS.

SOS Accessoire, a French company founded in 2008, is known in the market as a pure-player in the domain of auto repair of household appliances by the end customer. Their goal? Help the consumer in their fight against planned obsolescence of their appliances from an economic and ecologic point of view. To contribute to that SOS Accessoire offers spare parts for more than 250 000 models of appliances, together with a couple of hundreds of tutorials and instruction videos. They only sell online via their own website and also via companies such as Amazon, Cdiscount, PriceMinister, Rue du Commerce, Darty or ManoMano. The products from SOS Accessoire are delivered in France and far beyond through completely integrated logistics: « This enables us to perfectly manage our stocks, while ensuring a high reactivity and excellent quality of service. Nevertheless to support the fast growth of our activity, we wished to structure our processes and to extend the surface of our warehouse », explains Olivier de Montlivault, founder of SOS Accessoire.

Lean on the force of a group specialized in complete logistics solutions

In its new recently installed warehouse of 2 500 m in Elancourt, at the south west side of Paris, SOS Accessoire has rethought its logistics model with the help of a team of consultants. The outcome of this thinking process was that they have a clear need to get equipment into place to help them with order preparation and reception: « We have contacted a number of providers. Savoye, well known for its knowhow in this matter, was one of them. One of its brands, Prodex was capable of meeting the needs of a SME in full expansion by being able to provide us with conveyors, racking and a put-to-light system. Because of the synergy between their complementary competences, they were capable of offering the total of solutions we needed », testifies Olivier de Montlivault.

A goal to improve productivity with 70 %

Signed in the fall of 2018, the installation of the INTELIS CONVEY conveyors on the site of Elancourt, took only a few weeks, to be finally completely operational at the end of February 2019. Today the company sends out over 2 000 products per day. On top of the conveyors, SOS Accessoire has also equipped the products with a high rotation class with LED strips from A-SIS, a system to assist with the preparation of orders and the put away of goods. « We immediately gained in reliability and quality of the order preparation and can now already see an increase in productivity of 30 %, which should go up to 70 % in the near future. Reactivity, quality, advice and price: our provider has been there in this project from start to finish. », concludes Olivier de Montlivault.

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