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Veritas streamlines complex operation with Astro WMS


Veritas operates 123 stores selling fashion accessories and small wares in Belgium and Luxembourg, each of which must be supplied twice a week. A sophisticated operation with push and pull flows has been set up to handle this challenging task at the company’s new distribution centre at Tisselt. Thanks to Astro WMS, the Belgian retailer now has the necessary insights to effectively manage daily operations.

New Solvo.WMS-Powered BeeLogistic Warehouse Goes Live


A new »class A« warehouse complex of BeeLogistic running under Solvo.WMS was launched into operation in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The HARDIS GROUPE SAS is a new WMS vendor with REFLEX WMS


The company HARDIS GROUPE SAS has found its way to warehouse-logistics.com with the system REFLEX WMS. The world’s leading database for warehouse management systems has stood for the high quality exchange of information between vendors and users for almost 15 years.

Hardis Group's activity in logistics sector shows growth of 25% in the first quarter of 2015


Hardis Group, the digital services company and software publisher, announces organic growth of its business activity as a publisher of Supply Chain optimization solutions. This growth reached 25% in the first quarter of 2015.

Deutsche Bahn workshops are modernized with psb warehousing systems


Deutsche Bahn [DB], long-time customer of psb intralogistics, has placed two orders at the same time. In the two DB heavy maintenance workshops in Fulda and Munich, automated warehousing technology by psb will be applied.

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