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Innovative methods of picking


We order goods over the internet and on the second day the courier delivers them or we can pick them up at a package pick-up point. From the customer’s perspective the matter is simple. Someone has to take goods from the warehouse and put it in a vehicle. There is no great philosophy here. However, IT systems for warehouse management continually evolve, making it possible to apply different strategies of releasing goods.

Rhenus Logistics makes use of Reflex WMS to manage a large proportion of its business


For many years this logistics operator has been using the Hardis Group's warehouse management software to offer customers logistics services tailored to their needs and issues no matter how specific they are, and regardless of the company's size or business sector.

With the KNAPP-Store, your medicine at a mouse click


apotal.de and KNAPP sealed the deal for a future-oriented B2C pharmacy solution that uses the new KNAPP-Store as the core technology. apotal.de is one of the pioneers in mail-order pharmacy in Germany, having their core competence in the mail order retail of medicines. Through the online portal customers receive not only their prescription medicines but also natural medicines and health products comfortably delivered right to their home.

PSIwms operates automated high-bay logistics centre at ECCO-ROS


SI subsidiary PSI Logistics GmbH, commissioned a large automated logistics centre of ECCO-ROS. After the commissioning of a network of manual warehouses, this project was the fifth implementation of the system PSIwms at ECCO-ROS.

SOLVO automates warehouse processes for major cabinet-furniture manufacturer


In the spring of 2015, SOLVO completed yet another warehouse process automation project for »Almaz« in the city of Volgodonsk.

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