What Is the Validation and How Does the Validation Process Work?

What Is the Validation and How Does the Validation Process Work?

Before the data provided by a WMS vendor about their Warehouse Management System is incorporated into WMS Database it is validated by Team warehouse logistics. This validated data can then be used by a customer as part of the selection process for a suitable WMS for their company or by the vendor for benchmarking their own WMS.

Every year the data in the database is validated and the questionnaire is updated and expanded. This is done to ensure high quality, current, and neutral data. There are two types of validation: the initial validation and the yearly validation.

The initial validation for a newly registered WMS takes approximately 2 days because all of the data provided by the vendor has to be validated. This lengthy validation process only happens in the first year of participation. In the years after the first year of participation, the validation process only takes a few hours at the site of the vendor because only new or changed answers to the questionnaire have to be validated.

Approximately 1700 of the more than 3000 individual aspects that are captured for each WMS by the questionnaire are validated. These include all of the criteria that can be selected in WMS Online Selection.

The Validation Process

The system data is validated using a “live system”, which means that the vendor demonstrates the respective functionality on a test installation or a real customer installation to show that it has already been implemented in a real customer project.

This validation process is not possible in cases such as specific optimization strategies that are only visible in operational use. For these cases, the user guides, project documentation, reference projects, publications, or expert discussions are used to validate the data.

Validation Results

Validation Results

The vendor is given the results of the validation including all deviations from their original data and all validated data is made available for use in the WMS Database.

The validation seal given to the WMS vendor by Team warehouse logistics confirms that the data and functionality captured in the WMS Database has been successfully validated.

The vendor can use this validation seal on their website for marketing purposes. In the past few years this validation seal has become a certification mark in the WMS industry.

In addition to the validation seal, a participant certificate is given out each year at the annual participant meeting.



By using a quality management system that is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, Team warehouse logistics guarantees a software validation process that is high in quality and objectivity. This is another feature of the WMS Database and it underscores its neutral and outstanding expert status in the market.

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