Access to the »WMS Online Selection«

Which Access Versions for the »WMS Online Selection« Are Available?

For the »WMS Online Selection« we offer you three different versions, which differ in their functional scope and thus above all in the level of detail of the results.

Direct Comparison Between the Express and the Premium Version

The Express Version

Already the free express version allows users to get familiar with the basic functionalities of the validated Warehouse Management Systems and the methodology of the »WMS Online Selection«. It provides a quick overview of suitable WMS providers for your concrete project example and the procedure within the selection. Suitable Warehouse Management Systems can be filtered for specific use case. In addition, a general weighting of a predefined selection of categories, questions and individual aspects of the WMS questionnaire with “0 = no relevance” of “3 = normal relevance” is possible. With regard to the evaluation of the systems, the user of the express version has the complete and functional overview with result graphics at his disposal.

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The Premium Version

The premium version offers an extended functional range for a concrete and complete WMS selection for your project and is best suited when information on all details of the WMS functions is required. This makes it particularly suitable if access to the »Logistics IT Database« is required more frequently (important e.g. for consulting firms).

Compared to the express version, the premium version offers the following additional or different conditions:

  • Anonymity (No transfer of personal data to third parties)
  • Plus: Detailed weighting of all categories, questions, and single aspects of the WMS questionnaire (with “0 = no relevance” to “5 = very high relevance”)
  • Plus: Many additional graphics of the results (overviews of the entire system and of the different functionality including overview of the averages and best in class)
  • Plus: PDF download with all results
  • Plus: Ability to view the answers provided by the providers to all questions (see the figure below)
  • Plus: Ability to create, duplicate, and change evaluations (e. g. for different requirement profiles or facilities)
  • Independent contact with a WMS provider at the time of your choice

The »Team warehouse logistics« will also be happy to provide you with additional support in the context of our »Logistics IT Consulting«: either fully during a tender or only occasionally, e. g. for requirement specification reviews or in a pre-selection workshop for suppliers. Get in touch with us!

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Overview of the differences between the two types of access:

Function Express-Version Premium-Version
Period of validity 12 months 12 months
Number of evaluations 1 20
Use K.O. criteria
Ability to directly contact WMS providers
Ability to create, duplicate and change evaluations
General weighting
Detailed weighting
Weighting of additional functions
Many additional images of the results
Ability to view the answers provided by the providers
PDF-Download with all results
Function to compare the answers provided by the providers
Costs 0,- € 999,- € (plus VAT)

Access for Colleges and Universities

The university access is designed for our WMS seminar for universities and the included exercises.

  • Exclusive access for colleges and universities
  • Period of validity: as required
  • Number of evaluation: as required
  • Use of knock-out criteria (incl. selecting and deselecting of various systems)
  • General weighting of a predefined selection of categories, questions, and single aspects of the WMS questionnaire (with “0 = no relevance” and “3 = normal relevance”)
  • Evaluation with the functional degree of performance per system and related graphics (overviews of the entire system and of the different functionality)

Costs: Free of charge for colleges and universities

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