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Thanks to the LMxt WMS by A-SIS the Staples MondOffice warehouse in Castelletto Cervo has increased its productivity


Logistical efficiency: thanks to the LMxt WMS by A-SIS, a software publishing brand from Savoye, supplier and integrator of automated distribution logistics solutions, the Staples MondOffice warehouse in Castelletto Cervo (Italy) has increased its productivity by 20%.

With 20,000 m² surface area and around a hundred operators working in two eight-hour shifts, about thirty forklift trucks, an automated Savoye picking line, three box forming machines, and two INTELIS JIVARO machines to close the boxes and reduce their volume at the end of the line, as well as 30,000 active catalogue items: these are the numbers that describe the Staples MondOffice warehouse in Castelletto Cervo, in the Piedmont region, between Milan and Turin.

»MondOffice and SAVOYE - with its A-SIS software brand - are long-standing partners,« says Andrea Renna of MondOffice. In choosing the new LMxt WMS, they opted for continuity and stability. The two companies know each other very well. The LM6 WMS by A-SIS that we currently use is a product that has satisfied us through the years thanks to its stability, and it is especially well suited to our activity and our working methods. The upgrade to the new WMS is an innovation, an improvement whose risk margin is perfectly controlled. Before making our choice, we carefully evaluated the fact that the new software would allow us to satisfy the requirements of the project, the software publisher's ability to understand our needs and develop solutions with us. Moreover, it was important for return on investment to remain within the planned timescales.

Staples MondOffice has been in the Italian market for more than 30 years, offering a wide variety of products and services for offices and the work environment, including furniture, cartridges, toner, foodstuffs, and accessories for restaurants and kitchens, for a total of around 30,000 catalogue items, of which 18,000 are in stock.

»With the new software,« says the Supply Chain Director of the Biella-based company, »we can count on a set of advantages in terms of work quality, productivity, and customer experience. The flow affected by the software modification is the outgoing flow, with automatic picking (automated pick and pack line) and manual picking (complete packages).

To summarise: the new software has allowed us to optimise the production launch process, which will be carried out in a more targeted and efficient manner. Operators assigned to picking on the automatic line will also be equipped with voice picking devices. Finally, the equipment at the start of the line will be modified.«

An investment which, according to forecasts, will increase productivity by 20%; but that is not the only benefit. Cut-off times will be improved by at least 90 minutes, and thanks to voice picking, the ergonomics of the picking operations will be optimised.

»Many operational innovations will be introduced with the new WMS,« explains Andrea Renna: »At the start of the automated line, in the launch zone, a printer will be integrated. It will automatically affix a shipment routing label to the boxes. The first picking station on the automatic line, called ´Station 0´, was designed to be a high-productivity station for high-turnover items. On all the other stations, picking will be managed in voice mode via special devices controlled by LMxt. Production launches can be performed for specific sectors in order to maximise productivity and reduce operator movements in bulk picking. Sector-based launching will also balance out the workload of the stations on the automatic line, making it more uniform. The time between launch and order preparation will be reduced, significantly improving cut-off times.«

The new WMS will be operational as of July 2019.

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