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Shuttle warehouse for consumer electronics dealer X-KOM in Poland


Klinkhammer delivers intelligence for the e-commerce warehouse.

A high-performance, two-aisle container warehouse with level-bound shuttles and about 30,000 storage spaces has been implemented. It is connected to the order picking and shipping areas via conveyors. The warehouse management software KLINKWARE handles the complex system and material flow control of the eight lifters which are directly integrated into the shuttle warehouse.

A special feature are the integrated lifters. 38 shuttles and 4 lifters per aisle ensure an extremely high performance in the warehouse, carrying out about 1,500 storage and retrieval operations per hour. Four of the six order picking stations connected by conveyors are equipped with multi-order-picking systems. The goods are directly packed into cardboard boxes for online commerce while the stores receive goods packed in containers. The employees in the shipping area are supported by an automatic system which erects and fills the cardboard boxes. At 16 packing stations, 1,500 boxes per hour are distributed across 16 shipping lanes and readied for shipping. Klinkhammer has been awarded the contract comprising control technology and software for several reasons. On the one hand, the company as »brain of the system« has extensive experience with complex warehouse and order picking systems. On the other hand, the intercultural experience in the project team comprising Polish, Austrian, Greek and German specialists has proven to be a clear success factor.

Data and facts

  • Two-aisle, level-bound automatic shuttle warehouse for 30,000 containers

  • 1.500 storage and retrieval operations per hour

  • 6 order picking stations

  • 16 packing stations across 16 shipping lanes

  • Klinkhammer system control and visualization

  • KlinkWARE warehouse management software with interface to the ERP system

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