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Hazardous material storage with w3logistics


MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG is regarded as one of the leading inter­natio­nal manufacturers of construction chemi­cal products and technologies and is active in more than 40 countries with over 2,500 employees. The diversity of the product portfolio and the worldwide activities of the company create special IT and logistics requirements.

After the distribution and picking area in Bottrop had already been greatly enlarged in 2017 and the old user interface of the WMS had been replaced by a modern web client with the support of w3logistics AG one year later, the Bottrop-based company continues to rely on the software house and its flexible and broad-based warehouse management system.

Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) provide reliable scientific knowledge for activities involving hazardous substances, including their classification and labelling. Especially the TRGS 510 applies to the storage of hazardous substances in transportable containers including the following activities: Storage and retrieval, transport within the warehouse and removal of released hazardous substances. In addition, it contains rules for fire protection measures and specifications for the co-storage of hazardous substances.

As part of the project, the storage process was optimized in accordance with TRGS 510 and tailored to customer requirements.

In addition to the consideration of quantity thresholds for hazardous substance classes, additional rules were implemented, such as the ban on storing strong alkalis and acids together. For this purpose, storage sections are defined to which any number of storage locations can be assigned. Storage rules can be defined for each storage section and quantity thresholds can be specified for each storage class and water hazard class. On the one hand, a storage bid can be defined with a maximum permitted quantity, and on the other hand an explicit storage prohibition can be defined for certain articles. In addition, individual spaces can be reserved for certain articles, so that only these articles may be stored there. The deposit strategy has been enhanced so that an error message is issued when manual deposit is attempted and execution is prevented.

»With w3logistics, we have a strong partner at our side who has been with us for many years and who is there to help in every phase of the project. Thanks to w3logistics, the adjustment made not only includes the consideration of TRGS 510, but also further rules that are observed in the storage strategy and support us in our daily business,« says Christoph Stappert, warehouse manager at MC-Bauchemie.

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