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Performance increase with w3/max


The logistics centre of Hera GmbH & Co. KG in Enger is supported by w3logistics AG in a further expansion stage of the warehouse management and material flow system w3/max. The manufacturer of lighting systems will continue to rely on w3logistics AG and its flexible and broad-based warehouse management software in its successfully operated logistics centre, which is charac­terized above all by the fact that it can be supplemented with new requirements at any time.

The software company assists in every phase of the project and focuses above all on direct customer contact in order to jointly develop new possibilities step by step.

Capacity bottlenecks and backlog scenarios in materials handling technology have so far caused considerable time expenditure in some cases. As part of this adaptation, the warehouse was extended by a third storage and retrieval machine, which is now also controlled by the existing w3/max warehouse management and material flow system.

The new storage and retrieval machine offers advantages in terms of speed, a continuous flow of movement and more efficient load distribution. In addition, it is also possible, in the event of malfunctions, to transfer the work during storage to the other pallet stacker crane, which results in a lower number of jams.

In the course of the project, w3logistics AG also optimized the ABC classification. Here a possibility was created to auto­matically adapt the ABC classification to the access frequency. Hera experiences real added value through increased warehouse throughput and effective coordination and control of conveyor technology.

»Thanks to w3logistics, it will be possible to achieve higher throughput in the future. We were able to make our logistical processes even more efficient and expand our capacities,« says Axel Pollmann, Head of Production and Logistics at Hera GmbH & Co. KG.

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