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Results of the current validation round now online


The results of the 2019 validation round are now online to WMS Customers and interested persons. In addition to the possibility of a detailed viewing and selection of new aspects in the »WMS Online Selection«, such as the »Pick-by-Vision« technology, the tool was also expanded this year to include a further function in the area of results.

Since the 1st of August 2019, the updated and extended criteria are now available in the »WMS Online Selection«. Based on the newest knowledge and considering the individual requirement profile, WMS Customers have the possibility to select a suitable »Warehouse Management System« with the help of the »WMS Online Selection«.

In addition to the results of the »WMS Online Selection«, WMS Customers can now also see suitable »WMS Reference Projects« for the relevant provider's system. Furthermore, the total number of »WMS Reference Projects« published for the relevant product can also be viewed. This new function gives WMS Customers an extended picture of the WMS Providers and their experience in industrial projects with the systems offered.

The annual validation of the systems is carried out with the help of a questionnaire covering around 3.700 aspects. Around 800 of these criteria were adjusted this year for the 2019 validation round. Topics such as »Ergonomics« and »Value Added Services« have been completely redesigned. In addition, the »Pick-by-Vision« technology can now be viewed in detail.

In this year, questions on current and future developments and trends were also updated to reflect aspects of current market topics in the »WMS MARKET REPORT COMPACT«. The results of the last two years can be found in the »WMS MARKET REPORT COMPACT«, which was published at the end of 2018. Besides the previous versions of the market report, you can download the latest version as a free whitepaper from

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