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Weihing Manager from KuglerConsulting


Automatic Pallet Identification + Automatic Mobile Weihing on the transport truck + Automatic Data Transfer to Control Center in office

KuglerConsulting has developed a Software-System for the customers of RAVAS for the

  • Automatic Identification via RFID or via automatic Barcode Reading
  • Automatic Mobile Weihing
  • Automatic Data transfer via RF

RAVAS produces Mobile Weihing Systems for Transport Trucks (Hand Pallet Truck, Electro Pallet Truck, Lift Truck) e.g. of Jungheinrich, Linde, Still and other well-known companies worldwide. For these Mobile Weihing Systems KuglerConsulting has developed a Software System and given a Live-Presentation on the exhibition booth of RAVAS on CeMAT in Hannover in October 2005:

Step 1:
With the Transport Truck (Hand Pallet Truck, Electro Pallet Truck, Lift Truck) the loading medium (e.g. pallet, container) is loaded. During loading the automatic reading of the identification of the loading medium is done via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) through a RFID reader fixed on the transport truck, which cares for the reading of the transponder / tag automaticly or on request. The data in the transponder include the identification of the loading medium; they may include also further important data, which have been stored in this transponder during the last transport or weihing activity. The reading by RFID can be done also, when it is dark or when the loading medium is dirty and a barcode label would not be readable.
Instead of RFID a barcode-label reading is possible. Then a barcode reader will be fixed on the trransport truck.
Possible is also to use handheld-terminals for RFID reading or for barcode-reading instead of fixed readers; then the reading process is not automatic and the operator needs some time for this reading process.

Step 2:
In parallel the Automatic Mobile Weihing is being performed. The weight data will be put to the identification of the loading medium.

Step 3:
Now the operator can add further data.

Step 4:
All data

  • Identification of loading medium as well as further data of loading medium
  • Weight of loading medium
  • Further data, added by the operator
will be transmitted automaticly to the Control Center.

Step 5:
Overview and Monitoring of all data online and real-time in the Control Center with the possibility for immediate cost controlling and invoicing. This Software-System

  • Weihing Manager is already being applied by KuglerConsulting e.g. for the picking process in the new Logistics Center of PaKo in Landsberg near Halle and Leipzig in Germany - in connection with the moduls
  • Pick Manager and
  • Logistics Control Center of the
  • WMS Warehouse Management System of KuglerConsulting
see "New Logistics Center PaKo" under News on the homepage of

This system is also applicable for stock taking.

Weitere Anwenungen sind im Wareneingang und WareFurther applications are in receiving / goods-in and dispatch / goods-out as well as for cross docking of loading mediums, packages and containers in many industries worldwide.

Huge Benefit

  • Saving of transport ways to fixed weihing sites e.g. for checking of weight during receiving, picking, dispatch and stocktaking and thereby saving of working time - through Mobile Weihing
  • Saving of furher working time for capture and scanning of data of loading medium - through automatic reading via RFID of via barcode reading
  • Saving of further working time for the transfer of data to the office - through automatic transmission of data
  • Highest Accuracy and Reliability in Data Capture
  • Immediate and actual overview, transparency and monitoring in real-time of all data
    of all movements and transports of trucks and loading mediums and of material flow in the company-internal supply chain in the Control Center: see Logistics Control Center "Logistics Cockpit" under News in homepage of
    Automatic cost controlling and invoicing possible e.g. for logistics service providers

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