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The project on automation of warehouses of LLC “Planeta Service-K” has been completed


The company “SOLVO” completed the project on automation of the warehouse complex “Planeta Service-K”

The company “SOLVO” completed the project on warehouses automation of LLC "Planeta Service-K" - the leader of stationery for school and offices, format paper, electric tools and the loading equipment in the Ukrainian market. The company suggests their clients more 5000 SKU ranges of forty five trade marks around all the regions of the Ukraine.

One of the competitive advantages of LLC “Planeta Service-K” is a considered effective logistics system. The head office is situated in Dnepropetrovsk, there are representative offices in Kiev, Lugansk and Lvov and that allows to deliver goods anywhere in Ukraine in time and in quantity required for the Customer.

The warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk is a large complex which is 63000 square km totally with the adjacent territories. Five separate buildings have partial specialization accordingly to the following groups of products: stationery, format and printing paper, electric tool, loading equipment and engineering tools, packaging materials.
The basic type of storage is boxed and pallet. Among other things there are boxes of storage by single units – selection channels. There are transit movements of goods between the warehouses.

After tender Solvo.WMS has been chosen as the automation system which provides the common information and managing area of the whole warehouse entity and it is connected with the head corporate management system of the company using the gateway.

The start-up of Solvo.WMS into operation and maintenance phase was in March, 2009. Analyzing the results of implementation the Director on Logistics of "PlanetaService-K" LLC, Maistrenko Alexander noted:
“The quantity of SKU storing in our warehouse is about 16000 units. About 700 orders differing by volume are being shipped from the warehouse within 24 hours.

The system enables us to select goods simultaneously from all the warehouses. Control over goods movements and warehouse operations are carried out in a real-time mode. We are able to form pallets, pick the orders of various clients, carry out their loading into automobile transport taking into account the projected route.

We are satisfied with the results of implementation since we’ve received an opportunity to manage all the logistic business processes of the company promptly and clear. The correct strategies of goods placement and processing allowed to reduce significantly time for orders assembly, to increase the accuracy of assembly, keep informed the inventory balance in a real-time mode. We offer our customers the most effective services rendered and that makes our relationships stable and profitable".

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