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At Kaiser’s Tengelmann AG - empties sorting with KiSoft RMS by KNAPP


KiSoft RMS stands for KiSoft Reusables Management System. This type of sorting system for empties was recently realized at Kaiser’s Tengelmann in Germany.

  • During the month of July, over 870,000 single bottles were collected and sorted, filled into empty cases in part automatically, and automatically palletized.
  • A total of about 715,000 cases were collected and automatically organized by sort.
  • About 15% of the beverage cases were transported in an ergonomically constructed manual sorting loop, in which foreign bottles were removed from the cases and replaced by the correct bottles.
  • As part of the “daily business” at Kaiser’s Tengelmann, empties for several well-known bottlers are sorted 100% correctly by type and delivered to the particular bottler.

To end the difficulties at branch stores resulting from inventory differences and time-intensive manual sorting and entry, KNAPP expanded and optimized the existing case management system. This system is the basis for the correct credit accounting with the respective branch stores as well as settlement of accounts with the bottling plants.


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