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Shuttle-based dispatch sorting system by KNAPP at Cofex


Cofex is the most important pharmaceutical cooperative in the community of Extremadura, Spain. This year the distribution centre in Cáceres was modernized under the aspect of low complexity.

With the concept of a Low Complexity Warehouse, KNAPP has set itself the goal of reducing the variety of technologies used in a warehouse by advancing the shuttle technology.

Besides the oft-proven SDA autopickers for the automatic processing of fast-moving products, Cofex now employs KNAPP shuttle systems both in the picking area and in the dispatch area. An OSR15 supplies the medium and slow-movers and offers significant advantages over conventional storage systems. More storage space was created, and through goods-to-person picking there are no waiting and walking times. Only a few weeks after startup, Cofex decided to retrofit an additional seven levels.

With the modernization of the dispatch area and installation of the new OSR dispatch sorter (OSR-DS), Codex is now able to classify containers according to the relevant pharmacy. So far – as in conventional pharmaceutical warehouses – orders were sorted on the dispatch ramps according to their route. The new system makes it possible to handle orders for two different pharmacies via one ramp. As the first-ever installation worldwide, the OSR-DS was now put into operation successfully at Cofex.

In the course of the «Month of Visitors» event, a report was given on the success of the new shuttle technology, with Javier Bravo García, General Manager of Cofex, among the audience. The next OSR-DS will soon go into operation at Cooprofar in Porto (Portugal), as a dispatch sorting system with 816 ramps for delivering up to 700 containers per hour.

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