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Cold storage specialist relies on KiSoft WMS by KNAPP


Macromex is the leading distribution company in the Romanian market for frozen and chilled products, and is also one of the important 3PL players for temperature controlled products.

The special competitive position of the company is based on effective logistics and the use of brand-new technologies. As of November 2009, KiSoft WMS controls not only the distribution centre in Bucharest, but also the warehouse in Oradea, which acts as a central warehouse for the products received from EU and as a distribution centre for the North-West part of Romania.

The Oradea warehouse has approximately 4.100 m², with 3.500 m² and 250 m² respectively for frozen and refrigerated products, and a capacity of about 3.500 pallets. On average, 120 trucks per month are unloaded and received in Oradea, and about 140 outgoing orders and 1.100 order lines are shipped daily. In the same building is a high-tech packaging line with throughput of 36 tons/day and a unique ability to produce packages of specific products of equal weight, with KiSoft WMS to manage the stock of raw materials and finished goods.


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