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IMPERIAL Logistics selects RedPrairie Warehouse Management Solution


Scalability and flexibility of the RedPrairie solution makes it suitable for warehouses big and small

RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity solutions provider, has been selected by IMPERIAL Logistics, the leading logistics and supply chain management company in southern Africa, to provide warehouse management systems for its warehouse estate, following a positive experience at one of its subsidiaries, TFD Network Africa.

RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management solution has successfully supported TFD, a member of IMPERIAL Logistics Group for over eight years, and the success of this relationship was a key factor in IMPERIAL Logistics’ decision to deploy RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management solution in multiple operations.

TFD distributes products to approximately 4,000 retail outlets for Tiger Consumer Brands, Mars Africa, KWV Southern Africa, Energizer Schick and Heinz Foods, all leading FMCG suppliers, and uses RedPrairie’s WMS to keep accurate stock records and ensure efficient handling of the product.

“Efficient warehouse management systems are core to our competitive advantage as the leader in distribution of FMCG products for our 41 clients”, says Nico Koekemoer, Managing Director of TFD.

“IMPERIAL Logistics and RedPrairie have structured a partnership that allows us to apply world leading technology to operations with varying complexities in a cost-effective way”, says Cobus Rossouw, CEO of the Integration Services Division of IMPERIAL Logistics.

The partnership will help IMPERIAL Logistics to provide customised value-added solutions including service and cost reporting, event tracking and inventory optimisation.
Rossouw continued, “We were really impressed with the service, and the business benefits that RedPrairie delivered to TFD, and this was key to our decision to implement RedPrairie across our estate. We liked the product and the people, and we’ve always received a great deal of support.”

RedPrairie will support IMPERIAL Logistics with a full version of its Warehouse Management solution for its complex warehouses and a scaled down version for sites with simpler requirements.

“We’ll be able to deploy a WMS to parts of our business where previously it wouldn’t have been financially viable. It’s going to be very cost effective, for example, in some of our warehouses that don’t require a great deal of functionality, maybe where we don’t operate scanning equipment, they’ll have a less complex version, which will mean we won’t have to invest in training and equipment that won’t be used. The solution will be quickly adopted because it makes such good business sense”, says Rossouw.

“The traditional success of IMPERIAL Logistics is founded in its ability to deliver warehousing and transport services to its clients. As our clients mature, we need to evolve our capabilities. Forward thinking partnerships such as this will allow IMPERIAL Logistics to combine the best of traditional logistics with advanced information technology”, says Marius Swanepoel, CEO of IMPERIAL Logistics.

IMPERIAL Logistics will be able to benefit from the support of a RedPrairie team based in South Africa, following the announcement that RedPrairie has establishing a direct presence there.

“We are very excited about the prospect of expanding the application of our products across the multitude of IMPERIAL Logistics’ operations”, said Peter van Merode, Executive Director, RedPrairie. “To be working with the leading logistics and supply chain management company in southern Africa is a great way to announce our presence here.”

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