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Seamless traceability of goods with KiSoft WMS by KNAPP


KiSoft WMS offers lot and serial number tracing for the smallest product package as well as palletized goods.

The ability to trace goods is especially meaningful in grocery and pharmaceutical wholesaling because requirements for quality are high. KiSoft WMS offers reliable tracing of goods throughout all processes and systems using conventional information carriers such as Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), EAN Datamatix code, or RFID tag. KiSoft WMS offers lot and serial number tracing for the smallest product package as well as palletized goods.

Fast access through central data management in real time

Traceability is based on saving the information with the stored good when the goods are received. Data is ideally transmitted electronically from the vendor, but can also be entered using barcode, Datamatix code or manually. The information is transmitted for each movement of the goods within the warehouse. During loading, the SSCC and lot ID are also transmitted to the KiSoft module Track & Trace; it is therefore possible to query the current location of goods all the way up to the store or customer.

Efficient recall of goods

Due to the flexible criteria such as item, lot or SSCC immediate notification is possible regarding those warehouse objects affected by defects. For example, it is also possible to lock up stock based on the SSCC or lot, in cases of customer complaint regarding a delivered object, and to inform other customers about the defect.

Flexible locking function

KiSoft WMS offers a flexible locking function that permits temporary locking, which is especially required in the pharmaceutical sector. In this sector, goods may be stored that have not yet be released or certified for delivery. The goods are, in this case, locked. As soon as the supplier receives the certificate, the lock can be lifted. If problems are reported by the supplier for an SSCC or lot that has not yet arrived in the warehouse, it is automatically placed on a watch list. During the registration of goods at the warehouse, the operator immediately receives a warning and the goods can only be accepted as locked.

Regulation EU 178/2002 has been applicable for foods since 2005. This obligates all companies involved in food production to provide a guarantee of seamless traceability from consumer to producer. In pharmaceuticals, KiSoft WMS also supports end-to-end lot tracking and is prepared for serial number tracing on the basis of individual items.

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