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Jungheinrich introduces new pallet carrier for Compact Shuttle Storage Systems


Pallet carriers that can travel autonomously in racking channels are at the core of the Jungheinrich compact shuttle storage systems. They are part of a Jungheinrich complete solution which is rounded out by channel racking and carrier trucks.

Jungheinrich is launching a new pallet carrier in summer 2010 — an “Under Pallet Carrier” (UPC), designed for deployment in compact shuttle storage systems. “This is an ideal supplement to our DIS Drive-in System, which has been successful in the marketplace for a number of years,” explains Marco Harder, Head of Racks and Warehouse Equipment at Jungheinrich. Following the addition of the UPC, the Drive-in System is now available under the name of “In Pallet Carrier” (IPC).

Shuttle systems enable storage in highly compact channel racking systems. This is made possible by autonomous load shuttles which load pallets into the rack channels on their own. The IPC loads the pallets onto its own forks and can be easily docked onto reach trucks, counterbalanced trucks or narrow-aisle trucks, as required. This is the most economical system, especially for short channels and order picking, adds Harder.

In contrast, the UPC is primarily geared to storage systems that employ long channels needing to be continuously filled and emptied. According to Harder: “Jungheinrich is the only company to offer both shuttle systems, putting it in a position to meet customers’ full range of requirements!”

Any conventional forklift with sufficient residual lifting capacity can serve as the carrier truck for either system. And any Jungheinrich truck outfitted with an FEM fork carrier can also be used. This ensures deployment capability in both wide and narrow aisle environments.

Under Pallet Carrier: Efficient for Repeated Loading and Unloading

The Under Pallet Carrier from Jungheinrich is particularly efficient for the complete filling and emptying of entire channels. The carrier truck loads the carrier onto its forks and deposits the carrier in the pallet rack. It travels autonomously beneath the stored pallets, without any connection with the carrier truck. In the words of Harder, “the carrier can move freely.”

After the first pallet is deposited on the UPC guide rail in the rack channel and the start button on the operating terminal is pressed, the control system automatically carries out all the necessary travel and lifting motions. Sensors recognize the position of the stored pallets, allowing for the collision-free stacking and retrieval of new pallets.

In Pallet Carrier: Designed for Frequent Racking Channel Changes

The In Pallet Carrier from Jungheinrich is especially effective whenever frequent changes of racking channels are involved, as is the case in distribution warehouses, where different articles need to be made available for runs. The IPC is docked to the carrier truck via a special coupling instead of forks. The carrier picks up the pallets with its forks and travels independently in the pallet channel, without any connection with the carrier truck.

When placed in the channel — with or without a load — the active locking system connecting the IPC to the forklift is released. After pressing the start button on the operating console, the IPC’s own control system implements all the necessary travel and lift movements independently, similar to the UPC. Since sensors recognize the position of the stored pallets, there is no danger of collision when stacking and retrieving new pallets.

The new channel racking system was developed on the basis of tried and tested Jungheinrich pallet racking. Depending on the type of carrier involved, uprights and supports are arranged to create channels. Every racking channel is equipped with its own specially adapted guide rails to ensure safe travel of the carriers.

Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is a service provider with manufacturing operations as well as an intralogistics solution provider, which offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and consulting. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

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