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TGW at the "Textillogistik-Kongress 2010"


At the “Textillogistik-Kongress 2010” (Apparel Logistics Congress 2010) on September, 9 in Frankfurt TGW will be presenting highly dynamic apparel logistics solutions.

The apparel supply chain is complex. The apparel industry is highly dynamic with ever increasing requirements for logistics and distribution operations.
Distribution centres service several hundred shops, handle up to 50,000 cartons per day and ship millions of garments per week to their outlets and end consumers.

At the “Textillogistik-Kongress 2010” organized by TextilWirtschaft and DVZ on September, 9 in Frankfurt TGW accepts the challenge and presents highly efficient logistics systems providing fast throughput and low unit costs.

Fully automatic processes just-in-time through automatic carton handling

TGW’s basic concept for apparel distribution centres is to directly handle the individual cartons throughout the installation, from goods receiving to shipping, drastically reducing the walking or driving distances for the workers and eliminating unneeded processes. Compared to most other solutions this concept avoids the now unneeded palletising process at goods receiving and manual handling of pallets in large block storage. In contrast the very cost-effective carton warehouse in TGW’s solution replenishes the subsequent picking, sorting, or shipping process automatically and just in time.

Automated Carton Warehouse Provides ROI in 1 – 2 years

The individual cartons in the warehouse are stored and retrieved by highly dynamic TGW mini-load stacker cranes with Twister load handling devices. These handling devices are capable of storing cartons multi-deep in shelving racks, while providing access to each individual carton and ensuring stock integrity. Due to this innovative multi-deep storage technology, the investment is only 10 – 15 % higher than a pallet warehouse but results in big operational cost advantages with a ROI in 1 to 2 years.

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Textillogistik Kongress 2010

New Challenges. New Concepts. New Solutions.

September 9, 2010
Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Frankfurt

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