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KNAPP expands software solution portfolio


With more than 1,200 active systems and a new startup every 4 days, KNAPP is Europe's leading supplier of logistics software

KiSoft Supply Chain Execution

In 2010, the material flow and warehouse management functions were significantly expanded so that KNAPP customers also profit from the following:

  • KiSoft Vision, process guidance and control with visual user interface
  • KiSoft WFM, Workforce and Labour Management for staff allocation planning and bonuses
  • KiSoft Track & Trace, goods tracking up to the recipient, including proof of delivery (POD)

KNAPP SAP logistics solutions based on KiSoft know-how

KNAPP expands the software solution portfolio based on SAP licensed products and with strategic partner SALT Solutions (Würzburg, Germany), offers the most modern logistic concepts with SAP integration. KNAPP and SALT Solutions have agreed upon a long-term cooperation for this. KNAPP supports SALT Solutions in applying the scope of functions in the KNAPP software for SAP based software solutions. SALT is specialized in SAP based automation projects, with approximately half of the 250 SALT employees active in this field. The company ranges among the leading Special Expertise Partners SCM and Ramp-up Partners EWM of SAP with a turnover of some 25 million Euros.

KiSoft – development roadmap

The KiSoft development roadmap will be pursued intensively in the next five years and in the coming years a sum in the tens of millions will be invested in development.

In 2010 the emphasis is on optimization functions such as slotting, packing arrangement calculation, adds and cuts, and labour management, as well as the newest technical possibilities such as vision technology, smartphones and cloud computing.

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