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Deli XL Optimizes Supply Chain with Manhattan Associates


Manhattan Associates supports growth ambitions of Dutch foodservice wholesaler

 The Dutch foodservice wholesaler Deli XL, which is owned by Bidvest, the JSE (South Africa) listed international service, trading and supply chain organization, has selected Manhattan Associates' supply chain optimization solutions to support its growth ambitions over the coming years. Deli XL will implement Manhattan's Warehouse Management, Slotting Optimization, Supply Chain Intelligence and Extended Enterprise Management solutions - all components of the Manhattan SCOPE® solution portfolio. In collaboration with Manhattan Associates, Deli XL is looking to optimize its distribution network of seventeen distribution centers (DCs) in the Netherlands and improve operational efficiency within the DCs.

"Our current solutions have reached the boundaries of their capabilities and are an obstacle to our further growth, whilst Manhattan's solutions offer us all the functionality we will need to facilitate the business's expansion," says René van Gelderen, director IT & Programme Management at Deli XL. "Over the next few years, we will be implementing a completely new distribution environment. In addition to Manhattan Associates' solutions, we will implement a new SAP ERP infrastructure and a new e-commerce platform from ATG Commerce. We believe there is a great fit across these very complementary applications."

Foodservice wholesaler Deli XL offers a broad range of food and beverage products and non-food products to companies and institutions in the hotel and catering industry as well as in the healthcare sector. Across all of its activities, Deli XL maintains a key focus on the environment, sustainability, health, hospitality and supply chain responsibility as well as having a passion for food and service excellence. The company serves the entire hotel and catering industry, from exclusive eateries to local cafeterias and from small independent operations to large contract catering organizations. Additionally, Deli XL makes daily deliveries of fresh quality products to institutions in the healthcare sector.

Deli XL has a national distribution center (NDC) for ambient goods and a separate, temperature-controlled NDC for chilled products. Furthermore, the company has four regional DCs, located across the country, and eleven small, satellite DCs to support local customers. Until now, Deli XL has relied on several heavily customized warehouse management solutions within its DCs. With these solutions, Deli XL had become extremely restricted in the way it was operating and decided to start looking for a new range of distribution management solutions to help it realize its growth ambitions.

Following an extensive selection process, Deli XL selected Manhattan Associates. A highly positive experience by many other organizations in the food sector is one of the reasons that Deli XL chose Manhattan Associates. Moreover, the solutions in the Manhattan SCOPE solution suite are very suited to the type of high volume product throughput seen across Deli XL's warehouses where goods of variable size and shelf life are being processed.

The first phase of the implementation will include the deployment of Manhattan's Warehouse Management, Slotting Optimization and Supply Chain Intelligence solutions. These solutions will help optimize the collaboration Deli XL has with its extensive distribution network, as well as improve picking processes within the warehouses. In a second phase, Manhattan's Extended Enterprise Management solution will be deployed to optimize cross-docking operations across its warehouse estate.

"We are very pleased that Deli XL has chosen Manhattan Associates as its trusted supply chain technology partner to support its ambitious growth objectives," says Pieter Van den Broecke, managing director Central Europe at Manhattan Associates. "Our Manhattan SCOPE platform has already proven itself in the food sector, where speed and accuracy are crucial. We are looking forward to helping Deli XL maximise visibility and efficiency across its supply chain."

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More about Manhattan SCOPE

The Manhattan SCOPE portfolio is developed on a Supply Chain Process Platform that facilitates the communication of cross-suite applications to address specific supply chain requirements for the goals of each Manhattan customer. Manhattan SCOPE solutions are designed to seamlessly optimize day-to-day processes from one common interface, in real time.

Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management solution optimizes the order fulfilment process by enabling the effective management of inventory, labour, floor space, time and costs as goods flow through the warehouse. Slotting Optimization scientifically determines the best picking profile for a distribution center, enabling timely, intelligent decisions as ordering trends change. Manhattan Associates' Supply Chain Intelligence provides at-a-glance insight into supply chain performance. Extended Enterprise Management offers connectivity to trading partners and provides the overarching visibility and event management capabilities required to successfully manage inventory through the supply chain.

About Deli XL

Deli XL is a wholesaler for the foodservice market, offering a broad range of food distribution and associated services to clients in the hotel and catering services industry as well as the healthcare sector. With a passion for food and service, Deli XL works to reach a healthy result for its employees, its customers and the company. With a clear vision, the company actively takes responsibility for its employees, customers and society. The Ede, Netherlands, headquartered company employs approximately 2,000 people; has an 11% share of the food service market in the Netherlands; has 400 trucks; serves some 15,000 customers which, amongst others, include hospitals, care homes, company restaurants, catering services, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, fast-food restaurants, zoos, theme parks, bungalow parks, conference centers, petrol stations, stores; has a broad product range including fresh food, grocery, deep frozen food and non-food goods; has its own range of private labels such as Kook, Fresh4You (portions) and Reuser & Smulders (coffee and tea products); and offers additional services like KiesKlaar F&B concept, fast-service concepts, Deli XL winehouse and advice on hospitality amongst others. For more information, visit

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