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KiSoft AUTOMOVE: warehouse automation with automated standard fork lifts


With KiSoft AUTOMOVE, standard forklift trucks can be converted to automatic forklifts regardless of make.

Guided by laser navigation, they move independently through the warehouse without fixed floor installations, thereby permitting multi-use of the transportation routes.


The automated forklift trucks transport all types of goods through the warehouse on load carriers (pallet or roll container) on an optimized transport path. The loading and unloading of goods is possible to a height of 10 metres, and can be done in the block system as well as in racks. An integrated impediment recognition for the entire vehicle including cargo ensures absolute safety for man and goods.


All transport associated with picking is carried out by the automated forklift trucks. The vehicle accompanies the picker, which dispenses with the constant climbing on and off the forklift. The picker who would have had to operate the forklift truck now has both hands free for picking and can work more efficiently. The picking order is transmitted in an optimized sequence to a mobile terminal. The picker takes the required number of goods, places them on the automated forklift truck with load carrier and confirms the process, whereupon the forklift proceeds to the next location. Full load carriers are transported directly to dispatch, and the next automated forklift truck drives up, ensuring a continuous work flow. Empty load carriers are also automatically provided.

KiSoft AUTOMOVE offers the corresponding high flexibility needed for optimal future-oriented logistics planning. Optimal control of the automated forklift trucks extends the life of the vehicle and reduces maintenance costs. Operation costs are lowered in combination with lower staff allocation.

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