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SOLVO Successfully Finished Automation System Deployment for Royal Canin


French specialists took part in deciding on the choice of the Solvo system for Ruscan.

To perform a functionality test, standard criteria that are usually used at the European branches of Royal Canin for WMS-class systems were applied to the Solvo system. One of the most important aspects was the requirement for the SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) support throughout the manufacturing phase to the end consumer shipping phase, both in monopallets and assembled pallets. Solvo.WMS ideally met all the requirements.

For the Ruscan project, the Solvo solution was used to automate Ruscan's A-class warehouse located in Lobnia, Moscow. The Ruscan mezzanine-type warehouse is used to store goods, such as Ruscan dry food products for pets, advertisement products, and merchendising products. While storing the food products, butches of goods and their expiry dates need to be accurately tracked down.

The technology processes used by Ruscan included several shipping types that the Solvo.WMS system was required to track down, such as receipts from manufacturing facilities using SSCC-based ASN, expected receipts piped down using a conventional technology with SSCCes generated immediately at the warehouse, and receipts of advertising products piped down using a conventional technology. To compile orders at the Ruscan warehouse, Solvo.WMS takes into account expiry dates of goods that are to be shipped to branches, customers. etc.

In addition, the integration between Solvo.WMS and the customer's ERP systems was implemented. The Navision ERP system is used by the customer as the main system to generate all necessary documents for the goods shipping/loading. The 1С ERP system is used to generate orders as well as return invoices for Ruscan's Moscow branch.

The turnkey project took four months to carry out. In doing this, SOLVO provided Solvo.WMS as well as additional software and all needed equipment, such as radioterminals, label printers, radio networking devices, etc.

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