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Samsung Electronics Runs Supply Chain on Manhattan Associates


Manhattan Associates today announced that Samsung Electronics, the global consumer electronics brand, has successfully installed Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management solution at its new, automated, 55,000 square foot national distribution center

The implementation was conducted as part of a wider supply chain systems re-engineering exercise for Samsung's Russian subsidiary Samsung Rus, and was led by Samsung Electronics' IT subsidiary, Samsung SDS. The project also involved a number of other parties including Korean company EXE C&T Co who were contracted by Samsung to oversee, amongst other things, systems integration and implementation and provide general logistics consulting support. Manhattan Associates 'GeoPartner' Korus Consulting was responsible for designing, configuring and testing Manhattan Associates' system, for training administrators and key users of the technology and for developing system generated reporting templates.

"Like many of South Korea's leading companies, Samsung is extremely demanding in terms of the standards of excellence it expects from the products and services it procures from its business partners," commented Steve Smith, senior vice president at Manhattan Associates. "We are delighted to have been invited to participate in this project for one of the world's leading, diversified business conglomerates. It was our global support capability, the strong reputation we have now built in the Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions, and the strength of our supply chain solutions that convinced Samsung to choose Manhattan Associates for its supply chain technology platform to complement the SAP ERP system that Samsung Rus already has in place. I am very proud of the role that the Manhattan Associates global team played, as well as that played by Korus Consulting, our GeoPartner for Russia and the CIS, to make the project the success it has been."

Manhattan's Japanese team, based in Tokyo, were engaged by Samsung early in the system design and functional description phase of the project. Initial system setup, configuration and integration platform design were conducted in Korea over a six week period before all subsequent work was carried out by Korus Consulting and EXE C&T in Russia.

Finally, whilst Samsung Electronics' new national distribution center (NDC) at the Vorsino industrial park in Kaluga was fitted out with various materials handling equipment to automate the facility, end user training was carried out for the Manhattan system and final integration testing between the Manhattan and SAP systems was completed.

After a thorough quality assurance exercise undertaken by the Korean experts from one of the numerous Samsung divisions involved in the project, the warehouse went live with the new system.

"To ensure that this project was successful, we needed to form strong partnerships across Asian, European and American specialists and take a truly unified approach to the project," commented Trusov Alexander, WMS Manager at Samsung Rus. "Given the cultural identities and the varying approaches to business and management that exist in Asian, European and American companies, we managed to overcome those differences. The fact that we now have a world-class supply chain platform to support Samsung's business operations in Russia is testament to our success in accomplishing that mission."

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