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Global roll-out supports retailer’s continued expansion


Specsavers’ sees clear benefits with RedPrairie warehouse, workforce and event management solutions

RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity solutions provider, is supplying its warehouse, workforce and event management systems as part of a major technology refresh programme by optical retailer Specsavers.

RedPrairie’s solutions will be rolled out across 10 sites, with the first in Hong Kong due to go live in 2011 and the remaining sites in Australia, Hungary and the UK to follow over the next two years.

RedPrairie’s warehouse management system (WMS) replaces a number of legacy systems and will help enable Specsavers to increase productivity and improve accuracy and visibility of inventory across its global distribution network, supporting improved product availability, both in store and in Specsavers’ direct-to-consumer channels.

RedPrairie’s WMS was chosen because it has the functionality to cope with the complexities of Specsavers’ product range. Due to the unique nature of each pair of spectacles, aspects of the warehousing operation are akin to a mini-manufacturing process, requiring the picking and kitting of various components in order to make the finished product.

RedPrairie’s workforce management solution will provide greater visibility of the performance of Specsavers’ warehouse staff. The solution includes the introduction of preferred methods to optimise the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. The event management solution will deliver management and operational information to further improve warehouse performance.

RedPrairie’s system will be fully integrated with Specsavers’ Oracle ERP system.

Specsavers’ Chief Information Officer, John Lister, said: “With over 1,500 stores and 26,000 staff, we are a fast growing business that is dependent on robust and effective technology to enable us to provide great service to our customers.

“We were looking for a solution that we could easily integrate into our existing architecture and, following a thorough assessment of the available options, RedPrairie’s technology and functionality were identified as the best fit for the company.

“Their approach and track record in large scale retail transformation projects, along with their integration experience and ability to provide local support on a global basis, were also major factors in our decision to select RedPrairie.”

Martin Hiscox, Managing Director and President International, RedPrairie said: “We are excited to be working with such a dynamic retailer. The functionality of our solutions and the knowledge and expertise of our people will enable Specsavers to drive forward their global expansion programme and deliver a better customer experience to their customers.”

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