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Visual picking technology by KNAPP at first reference warehouse


Six Sigma Level 6 or up to 99.99966 percent error-free – KNAPP has now proven this level of quality possible for manual picking processes

KiSoft Vision, the visual picking technology by KNAPP, was displayed in operation for the first time at the 52nd GIRP conference at Magnum Medical in Tallinn, Estonia.

Manual picking in the high-bay racking area and the goods-to-person workstation of the OSR Shuttle were set up with KiSoft Vision. At the work station of the shuttle system, a check is made that the correct items have been retrieved from the OSR Shuttle. Afterwards, cameras scan the barcodes on the items to check that they are placed in the correct target container. Ergonomics were given special consideration during its integration into the work process. The new level of quality was reached without any additional steps for the employee. Accomplishing a quality level of 6 from Six Sigma was possible by supporting the employee through the ideal combination of optical user guidance, image recognition, barcode and serial number tracking, and acoustical feedback.

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