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Innovative Technologies of SOLVO Now Serve to Bell Bimbo


SOLVO's complex solution was chosen to automate major factory for children cloths manufacturing.

Existing since 1997, Bell Bimbo Group is one of the Belarusian leading manufacturers of children cloths and is famous with its "BellBimbo" brand. In October 2010 Bell Bimbo signed a contract with SOLVO to automate its warehousing system. This project was very important to SOLVO, because that project was the first Solvo.WMS deployment in Belarus as well as the first SOLVO's project for a customer in the cloths industry. To carry out the automation project, Solvo.WMS was selected as an integrated solution designed to manage warehouses and container terminals of any complexity in real time.

Bell Bimbo is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of children cloths. At least 11000 SKUs are manufactured by Bell Bimbo each year. The factory's production area is over 5000 sq. m.

In 2010 Bell Bimbo decided to totally modernize the ready-products warehouse. This warehouse has a mezzanine and storage space of 2000 sq. m and is dedicated to store a wide variety of Bell Bimbo products of about 5000 SKU. In addition, the warehouse is used to operate goods of their own production as well as of third-parties' production to distribute hem between Bell Bimbo's shops. All goods and cargoes processed at the warehouse are small articles, that's why highly strict requirements are applied to order compilation and data coherence quality.

According to the project's schedule, by June 2011, everything was ready to launch Solvo.WMS at the warehouse. In the first week of June, system rules were configured and general preparations to the deployment were done. The second week was devoted to personnel trainings and product data was ingested to the system. In the third week, the accepting and shipping of products started to be done under control of Solvo.WMS. In the fourth week, SOLVO engineers supervised the running of Solvo.WMS at the warehouse and finalized the project to put the system into commercial operation.

It should be pointed out that during the entire deployment project, SOLVO's specialists ensured all technology operations at the warehouse to run smoothly, without any pause in the regular work of the warehouse. The project was completed on time and the deployment processes lasted four weeks since SOLVO engineers arrived to the site. After the deployment completion, the customer received free-of-charge guarantee maintenance services for one year.

Bell Bimbo's executives expect that investments spent to the Solvo.WMS deployment will pay for themselves as soon as in two years as a result of speeding up the shipment processing and, consequently, the turnover of current assets.

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