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MVO warehouse complex automated by Solvo.WMS


Solvo.WMS goes live at the warehouse of a major wheel, tire and wheel disk distributor.

SOLVO has completed the implementation of the Solvo.WMS automation system at the MVO warehouse complex. The system is currently in the maintenance phase. MVO is the first major chain of commercial service-centers offering comprehensive services in selecting, selling, replacing, and servicing of the highest-quality import tires, wheels and wheel disks.

The new project became not only another successful Solvo.WMS deployment, but also a step forward in its development: the system was enhanced with a new function, specially designed to solve specific problems common to the business of distributing tires, wheels and wheel disks.

The site of automation is a warehouse complex with an area of over 10,000 square meters, located in the Moscow oblast. The warehouse provides services in the distribution of tires, wheels, and wheel disks across its chain of commercial service-centers as well as for wholesale clients. One of the warehouses’ special features is that it offers its clients seasonal wheel and tire storage services.

The warehouse complex is divided into zones in accordance with the required strategies for storing these particular goods. The assortment of tires is stored in special cages. Multi-rack floor storage is also employed. The Solvo.WMS system handles information regarding how many types of tires can be placed into one cage.

Wheel disks are stored in pallet racks.

A special “shelf” rack zone is used for seasonal storage as well as a preservation zone with condensed cage storage for tires that are not used in the current season.

The deployment of Solvo.WMS at the warehouse made it possible to store cages containing goods with various serial numbers across multiple tiers of a single floor location. Solvo.WMS also presents complete information about the contents of each cage and its location in the corresponding stack.

Seasonal storage for client tires is carried out in special tire rack zones. Each tire from a set is stored using a number that is tied to a specific client contract and has a unique identifier, making it easy to view them at the warehouse by their contract-set profile.

SOLVO is confident that workflow automation at the MVO warehouse complex will help yet another partner to further develop their business and achieve success.

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