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SOLVO automates the warehouse of a major clothing distributor - Sela


SOLVO has completed the warehouse complex automation project for one of the largest Russian manufacturers and distributors of clothing and accessories – Sela.

The warehouse complex is located in the town of Tomlino (Moscow oblast). This particular complex serves as the single distribution center for 500 stores across 300 cities in Russia and operates based on a two-shift, seven days a week schedule. The storage and selection of products from various stacks is performed with special equipment including high-rise pickers, stacker trucks, reach-stackers, pallet trucks, and carts with electric or hydraulic lifts.

All key warehouse operations (receiving, putaway, picking, and outbound inspection) are performed with the help of radio terminals with fifty work places designated for radio terminal users.

The warehouse contains a mezzanine system and is used for pallet, carton and piece storage of various Sela products: clothing, accessories, cosmetics, marketing materials, and retail equipment.

The enterprise receives goods from Russian and foreign-based manufacturers. Products are shipped to the proprietary retail chain as well as to various partner stores. The mezzanine level is used to store seasonal returns.

The main feature of the technology at the warehouse is separate accounting and processing of goods in multiple color-size packages as well as individual goods grouped by size and color.

The warehouse's newly installed Solvo.WMS system is fully capable of handling any task dealing with the idiosyncrasies of handling clothing items:

  • Stock-keeping by size and color
  • Ability to not only pick pallets and cartons, but also pieces since the enterprise’s business-processes include deliveries of either whole package grouped by size and color or individual pieces of specific color or size
  • Processing of seasonal returns

SOLVO is confident that the Solvo.WMS system will help Sela expand their business and achieve success.

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