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PROLAG World as an ASP solution for 3PL provider


Warehouse Management System in the Cloud

CIM GmbH Logistics Systems, based in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, install their Warehouse Management System PROLAG World as a cloud solution at the central warehouse of 3PL provider Mönig Logistik GmbH.

Everyone else is talking about it – Mönig are doing it: At the start of November, the 3PL provider implemented a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) as an ASP solution in the cloud. Mönig Logistik GmbH, with their headquarters in Meschede, North Rhine-Westpahlia, have extended their core business in recent years and now specialize in warehouse logistics as well as transport logistics and customs handling. The company opted to install PROLAG World to map all the different processes in their warehouse: from goods receipt, through paperless picking with route optimization, right up to packing and shipping with DPD. The entire process from initial consultation to go-live took only a few weeks. All Mönig’s requirements were covered by standard PROLAG World functions without the need for customization.

The new Warehouse Management System works as an ASP solution (Application Service Provider) in the cloud. The software is run on servers at CIM’s data processing centre near Munich, which means that the WMS can be accessed in realtime via the internet – any time, any place. The infrastructure required by an ASP solution, such as a redundant internet connection, 24/7 IT system support, protection against fire, access security, high availability and continuous data protection, is guaranteed. Using state-of-the-art technology, all the data channels are protected against unauthorized access and data loss. Mönig Logistik lease the functionality of PROLAG World and access the WMS via the internet using a browser. All data exchange is encrypted, secure and inaccessible to third parties. Thanks to the ASP solution, there is no need for 3PL providers to invest in their own server hardware or software. The costs of acquiring, maintaining and servicing a separate IT infrastructure are thus completely eliminated.

The warehouse in Meschede is approximately 6000 square metres in size, and there is space for 7000 pallets which hold a total of 500 different articles. Mönig’s customers’ interfaces are connected to the WMS by the CIM data converter. The 3PL provider is currently preparing additional ERP interfaces so that future customers can also be connected to PROLAG World.

Mönig store household appliances such as barbecues and coffee machines, as well as metal products such as aluminium blocks in high bay spaces and bulk storage areas. With the new WMS in place, they have future plans to execute shipping for a large online retailer of balcony railing components and manage event equipment for a large brewery.

The warehouse is divided into a number of different storage areas, including mixed areas where the goods of multiple customers are stored and other areas where only one customer’s goods are stored. With its owner administration function, PROLAG World regulates exactly each customer’s goods are stored and managed. The right to view goods is restricted according to the type of owner (authorization) assigned. Each of Mönig’s clients in their capacity as goods owners can only view and access their own goods – not another owner’s goods. The 3PL provider, on the other hand, is authorized to display the articles of all owners. Each movement of goods is allocated to a goods owner.

Mönig manage every single storage transaction, goods movement and all value-added services for their customers. This enables separate billing for individual goods owners.

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