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Solvo.WMS in the Driver’s Seat at the Warehouse of “Albatross Warehouse Logistics”


SOLVO has successfully completed the secure storage warehouse automation project for the international logistics company, “Albatross Cargo.”

SOLVO is glad to announce the successful completion of the secure storage warehouse automation project for the international logistics company, “Albatross Cargo,” which offers services in operative warehouse management and high-volume freight flow processing.

The client’s modern hi-tech A-class warehouse is located on the territory of the “Tomlino” tech-company. The area of the warehouse comprises 7,000 m2 with 11,000 pallet locations for the storage of various goods: everything from footwear to electronics.

The processing of cargo actively employs special state-of-the-art equipment such as reach-stackers, lift trucks, forklifts.

Albatross Cargo management decided to automate the warehouse to ensure that all business-processes are accurate, streamlined and dependable. SOLVO.WMS was chosen among a series of major companies offering similar services due to its proven track record on the WMS-systems market: successfully implemented projects and highly experienced team of professionals.

What sets this project apart from the usual implementation is that SOLVO.WMS is, in fact, playing the role of a host system at the “Albatross Cargo” warehouse, which receives all data from external systems with the help of the new EDI module from SOLVO.

“At our warehouse, Solvo.WMS serves as a host system, to which data is directly uploaded. SOLVO is certainly in the driver’s seat,” said the representatives of “Albatross Cargo.”

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – an established framework for exchanging structured digital data between organizations. EDI is used to replace conventional information paper-based exchange with an electronic document flow.

The EDI module makes it possible to carry out semiautomatic creation of essential documentation and reference lists when no stable connection is present between the WMS and ERP-system or there is no possibility of setting up an extended interface.

Documents and reference lists are uploaded to the warehouse network using various types of files transferred via email or an external disk drive. The EDI module makes it possible to load external documents sent electronically without an extended interface and support various types of file formats: text, xml, cvs, xls as well as nonstandard documents and various templates.

The company also actively uses the Billing module from SOLVO, which calculates the cost of rendered secure storage services, keep record of contracts and prepare notices used to bill clients for the services provided. Moreover, the module enables a high degree of flexibility and transparency when offering services to clients by facilitating the process of maintaining and augmenting the client base.

Using the Web-portal module (Solvo.Web), “Albatross Cargo” clients are able to remotely file requests and receive access to information regarding inventory, storage locations, performed operations, and time spent on processing requests. In result, this reduces the workload on warehouse operators while enhancing data exchange security.

“Solvo.Web allows us to always keep our clients up to date on the state of inventory and the operations performed at the warehouse as well as provide them with just-in-time reports.”

SOLVO.WMS has been operating for only a couple of months and it can already be said with confidence that the “Albatross Cargo” warehouse is working with the latest and most accurate data regarding quantity and location of inventory at the warehouse, space is efficiently utilized, all operations are performed on time, and customer loyalty has increased due to their ability to access to real-time information.

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