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Making the right connections with PROLAG®World


Warehouse Management System manages high-end solutions for connector technology

CIM GmbH install PROLAG®World at Adels Contact, manufacturer of high-end solutions for the connection technology sector. The Warehouse Management System handles all processes from goods receipt, quality assurance and replenishment right through to goods issue, packing and shipping.

In order to effectively handle all of the processes at their central warehouse in Bergisch Gladbach, Adels Contact Elektrotechnische Fabrik GmbH & Co KG commissioned CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme from Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich to implement their Warehouse Management System PROLAG®World. The connection technology manufacturer has now gone live with PROLAG®World Basic including the key modules – forklift routing, shipment generation and shipping.

“Thanks to the new warehouse management software, we have significantly optimised our storage and picking operations. Our employees are now guided through the warehouse on optimised routes, which considerably enhances the picking performance”, explains Michael Kratz, the project lead at Adels Contact who managed the implementation.

The forklift routing system guides employees on the optimum route through the warehouse to perform storage, retrieval and relocation operations. The shipping system is an integral module of the WMS and communicates with logistics providers and parcel delivery services over interfaces.

More than half a million luminaire connections, spring clips, LED spots and plug connectors leave the warehouse in Bergisch Gladbach every day. These high-quality safety components are used in lighting technology, for electrical appliances, and in electronic engineering and electrical installations. 8000 different articles are managed by PROLAG®World in approximately 2000 slots in a high-bay facility and a total storage area of 8000 square metres. There are around 600 transactions per day in the warehouse in the form of storage (putaway), retrieval and relocation operations.

The software at Adels Contact runs on a Windows 2008 client with Internet Explorer 10. Standard interfaces synchronise the abas ERP host system and DACHSER Logistics with PROLAG®World. The database used is SQL 2008R2. Employees are guided on optimised routes through the warehouse by the forklift routing system using mobile RF terminals.

Goods receipts include purchased parts, raw materials such as granulates, and finished parts from in-house production in Bergisch Gladbach or abroad. The host system passes on the incoming orders to PROLAG®World to be stored. Random tests are carried out to check articles in quality assurance (QA) for damage or defects. The warehouse management software proposes a suitable storage location for articles which fulfil QA standards.

Picking is a single-step process (order-focused) based on the FIFO principle (First In First Out), with route optimisation. Employees pick from all storage areas. The storage areas are automatically replenished by PROLAG®World on a regular basis.

Picking orders are transmitted from the host system to the warehouse management software. PROLAG®World pre-sorts the individual transport orders and purchase orders into shipments: All articles with the same customer number and recipient form a shipment and are picked simultaneously.

The articles are deposited at the packing area, sorted into bundles for packing and prepared for shipping. PROLAG®World prints a packing label or DACHSER label for each shipment and packing unit. PROLAG®World’s shipping system handles the dispatch process. DACHSER Logistics is connected over an EDIFACT interface. The WMS prints the labels, packing lists and CMR documents automatically.

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