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Modern Cockpit - CIM present their new Business Intelligence module


CIM's modular warehouse management software PROLAG®World has been extended by a new Business Intelligence (BI) module. The tool records ongoing operations in the warehouse, generates the relevant analyses and displays a graph of the results in the form of a modern cockpit. Each user can configure their own view containing the most important key indicators. The data is read out and displayed in a diagram which shows the information for a day, hour, week, month or year.

The new BI module in PROLAG®World improves transparency in the warehouse and assists the subsequent process control: Users can set filters to determine which indicators are displayed in the graph, for example, picks per storage area, degree of utilisation per storage and retrieval machine (SRM) or occupancy rate of consolidation locations. PROLAG®World displays the collected data in a line diagram, pie chart, column diagram or bar chart. To combine several evaluations, different diagrams can be overlaid. The user decides whether the data is total led, counted or displayed as an average value in the cockpit. The performance indicators in the warehouse are queried by PROLAG® World selectively or chronologically over time. The user can view the average picks for a storage area per hour, day, week, month or year, for example.

Among other applications, the new module is already being used to optimise automated warehouse operations at an Austrian textile manufacturer. Their goal: To monitor, regulate and optimise utilisation of the various equipment and the energy consumption with in the warehouse. PROLAG®World lists all the SRMs and all the activities performed by the robot. A bar chart visualises malfunctions, shows the type of malfunction and how often they occur. Appropriate intervention measures can then be initiated. At the warehouse of a well-known automotive parts supplier in Swabia, PROLAG®World’s modern cockpit provides comprehensive information about the capacity utilisation rate in the warehouse:The quantity of open orders, number of active users, utilisation rate of the software, and the occupied and free consolidation locations can all be viewed by the user at a glance.

“Recording, analysing and graphical mapping of key performance indicators (KPIs) is an essential part of any
sustainable and modern system. It is the only way to identify where there may be potential for improvement in the warehouse and work towards optimising processes”, explains Fritz Mayr, managing director of CIM GmbH.

BU: The Business Intelligence cockpit let you see the status of open orders at a glance, as well as how many
consolidation locations are occupied and the utilisation rate of the software.

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